July 4th at Maine Camps
July 4, 2022, by MCE Blog Team
July 4th at Maine Camps
July 4, 2022, by MCE Blog Team

Fourth of July is a fun RED, WHITE, and BLUE event at Maine Camps to celebrate the United States of America. The preparations began months ago to give Maine campers a day like no other. Each camp has its own, often unique, Independence Day traditions to make the day special and memorable.

For the veteran campers, from the day they stepped foot on camp a short time ago, they know what’s to come on Independence Day, and they just can’t wait! New campers will experience a holiday away from family, some for the first time, and they may be uncertain about what to expect; however, they will quickly be swept into the spirit and fun of the day. For all campers, from the moment that morning bugle sounds, it will be obvious to them that it’s no ordinary day. In fact, that morning bugle may be replaced with a song like “Born in the USA” or “Party in the USA” blasting on the PA system to wake everyone up.

Maine campers are excited to rise and shine on this holiday! There is so much to see and to do. Campers and counselors may dress in red, white, and blue for the day and they may have their faces painted, all in Independence Day hues. They may wear 4th of July costumes. There are often special hats, wigs, sunglasses, socks, shoes, beads to wear – and anything with stars and stripes. Your campers may see counselors and directors driving around camp in golf carts decorated in red, white, and blue, with flags and streamers, all the while blaring American-themed music.

Camp cuisine might be different today. Campers may be surprised with unusual menus, barbecues, hot dogs to eat that are dyed in July 4th colors, rocket pops (in red, white and blue, of course) to lick, cotton candy to pull apart, popcorn to munch, or sno-cones to cool them on a hot day.  In keeping with the color theme, Maine blueberries are always an appropriate treat on July 4th. Paired with strawberries and whipped cream, it’s a very festive dessert on this day.

Often, regularly scheduled activities will be suspended for the day. Some camps throw carnivals with special rides and treats, and camp becomes an all-out party.  Bounce houses, water slides, games with prizes to win and perhaps even a photo booth suddenly appear at camp. There might be watermelon eating contests, camp-wide shaving cream “fights,” bunk skits, eagerly anticipated special competitive league games, athletic, dancing and music competitions, and more.  There may be unique swimming, basketball, baseball or other sporting events that day, there might be intercamp tournaments, and plenty of American-themed activities to remind everyone we are all celebrating July 4th.  It’s even a great opportunity to celebrate our pride in our country by sharing our traditions with foreign staff and campers who have never experienced American Independence Day before.

But wait, there’s more! Following dinner that night, many campers will be getting ready for special July 4th evening activities. There may be holiday socials, there may be opportunities for siblings to spend time together, and there may be traditional campfires with music or stories. Many will settle in with their friends and counselors on a lawn or a beach to enjoy fireworks that light up the sky in every color of the rainbow. The “oohs” and the “aahs” will fill the air, from the youngest camper to the eldest staff member, and the bright pyrotechnic images that will soon fade from the sky will be imprinted upon their memories for many years to come.

Finally, once the sun has set on July 4th, faces RED from excitement will be sleepy, WHITE clouds will be peeking out from behind the shimmering moon, and the beautiful BLUE Maine lakes will be calm; we’ll know then that it’s been not just another great day at Maine camps, but another great Independence Day: celebrating the independence of not only our country, but of our Maine campers as well.  

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