Preparing Your Child

Going away to Maine overnight camp is an amazing experience. It is common for first-time campers to be both excited and anxious. There are a number of things that parents and camps do to help prepare a child for camp.

Talking with your child about what happens at overnight camp and your child's expectations ahead of time can lead to a positive transition. By doing this it will also bring out any questions or concerns, allowing you ample time to discuss or resolve them with the camp directors. Reassure your child that apprehensive thoughts are normal.

It is very important to keep any parental anxieties separate to ensure your child remains excited about camp. When discussing what happens at overnight camp, parents often express their feelings about their children leaving them. This sends mixed signals. Children take direction from their parents' confidence, so you don't want them to feel that you are anxious. Turn to peers and adult family members for emotional support.

Getting Excited

Many MCE camps have a big brother/sister program and reference lists of existing families to contact. Parents and children can reach out to returning camper families to ask for advice or discover stories about what happens at camp. This can have a positive effect on your child's expectations of camp and get them excited to meet fellow campers and make new friends.

Finally, it is very important to involve your child in the entire camp process. Come to Maine and tour MCE camps; meet with the current campers and staff and learn about each camp’s philosophy and community. They can allay children’s apprehension about meeting new friends. MCE camps work hard to assimilate new campers into their camp communities.

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First Time

Karen said,

Last summer was the first overnight camp experience for my 10 year old. It was scary for both of us! We were excited but nervous.  At the last moment there was quite a bit of anxiety but the director and counselors made it all OK. They eased my mind and connected with my daughter to make sure her experience was positive.
I Think About Camp Every Day

Katherine said,

I think about Nashoba North everyday and talk to my friends from camp all the time. I have made lifelong friendships and memories.
“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”

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