Maine: Vacationland

There's a reason Maine is called “Vacationland.” Maine offers a unique natural setting that has been luring summer vacationers here for decades. Thanks to its vast, tranquil and temperate setting a visitor can find endless things to do and places to explore. From the pristine wilderness to pine forest mountain ranges to the crystal clear waterways and majestic shorelines, Maine represents the perfect setting for summer—one that can't be matched anywhere.

What makes Maine so fun and unique is its diversity. Experience nature’s breathtaking beauty; raft down a glacial river; watch the sun crest atop the mountains of Acadia National Park; enjoy beaches and resort communities along Maine’s 3000+ mile coastline; and explore Portland—Maine’s world-class city.

Forbes calls Portland America's ‘most-livable city’. Bon Appétit Magazine says Portland is the ‘foodiest small town in America’ and The New York Times consistently ranks Portland among the best culinary cities in the United States. And of course, L.L. Bean calls Freeport home.

More Than Just Camp

Maine Tourism says that, “Maine is home to some of the best skiing in the East, the finest sailing waters this side of the Mediterranean, world-renowned parks, two of America's best art museums, internationally known shopping areas, award-winning restaurants, dozens of National Historic Landmarks, extraordinary beaches, exceptional kayaking, antique stores that know few peers, nationally ranked golf courses, moose safaris and whale watching trips that are all but guaranteed to succeed, and, well, suffice it to say there is enough entertainment here for a lifetime.”

Maine camps offer children a world-class camp experience in a world-class destination. It makes choosing a summer camp here the only choice.

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Highlight of the Year!

Michael said,

My 15 year old son has attended Camp Laurel South for 6 years. He will tell you the highlight of his year is the time he spends in Maine at camp. Not only does he get to spend each day on Crescent Lake, but through Laurel South activities he has visited Acadia, Fun Town Splashtown and Freeport. My wife and I love going up to Maine to pick him up from camp. No beltway traffic issues, L.L. Bean at midnight, and lobster rolls for under $10. What's not to like?!
One the Most Beautiful Places

Jodi said,

Every summer when we drive up to visit our son at Camp Skylemar, we slowly shed our city skins as we enter the state and the beauty of Maine washes over us. There is just something different about the air, the sky and the colors in Maine. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, and I am so grateful the my son has been able to spend part of his summers here year after year.
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