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Maine Camp Experience member camps are the finest in the country and they all have something in common: Great memories—friends, mentors, food, lakes, mountains, activities, unforgettable trips, generations of traditions, or quiet times watching the sunset.

If you’re a camper, parent, staff member, or alumni, share your memories about the greatest camps in America.

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dr. said,

With the upcoming August 21, 2017 solar eclipse, we at Cobbossee experienced a total solar eclipse on July 20th, 1963. The path of 100% totality passed through Bangor. They herded us into the mess hall and hung blackout shades so that we wouldn't come home with incinerated retinas. But we could peek and see what was going on. Went from brilliant sunlight to midnight black than back to daylight again. …

meg said,

Having my daughter spend her summers at Walden like I did is the most special shared experience I could have ever given her. Walden made me a better friend, woman and person, and I see this in my own daughter at the end of every summer when she returns home. Walden's core values have not changed and I feel so fortunate to be able to give my child this experience. Besides being active, having fun and making …

minelva said,

2016 was our daughter's first time at sleep away camp and she had such an awesome time. She's so excited to go again this year. She tried so many cool things that she wouldn't normally get to do.She took care of farm animals, became a stronger swimmer, tried her hand at kayaking and playing the drums just to name a few. Their days are jam-packed with fun filled activities where they get to work as a team … Read More
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