Generations of Summer Camp in Maine – Reflections From A Maine Camper, Parent, and Enthusiast
June 2, 2015, by Kristy
Generations of Summer Camp in Maine – Reflections From A Maine Camper, Parent, and Enthusiast
June 2, 2015, by Kristy

Julia Beck with her fellow Maine campers in 1981. Photo courtesy Julia Beck

Julia Beck, Founder Forty Weeks and the It’s Working Project, is the second of three generations who have gone to summer camp in Maine – it’s in her blood. As she prepares to send her youngest child off to summer camp in Maine, we asked her for her thoughts on what Maine camps mean to her. What she came back with is a beautiful reflection of the Maine camp experience. Her family has attended at least four different Maine camps, but her words capture the essence of Maine camps as a whole. Enjoy!

It is time. Time to pack my son for camp. He is the youngest of my children. And the last one I will ready for camp in Maine. I don’t want these years to end…though I know the gift of being a Maine camper will stay with him, with all of my children forever. Like my Aunt and cousins before me, like my sisters and me, and like all of my older children – we go to camp in Maine. We are Maine Campers.

The whole of it feels a permanent, a non -negotiable truth; summer in Maine is in my genes and most certainly in my senses. There are amazing memories for sure, and there is something about the good fortune of coming to age under the pines – that feels beyond expectation (and more valuable as the years pass). And how lucky I have been to give and receive the gift. Still today, big plans smell of pine needles in my mind…

Off to Maine
On the edge of innocence
Filling with confidence
Time standing still
The moment before
What would come next

Getting ready for the complex world to follow, but first this:

Early mornings at the flagpole
Still, glass-like lakes
Icy swims
Loud Dining Halls
Canteen visits
Trip Day
Ice Cream
Camping out
Friday Night Services
Infirmary visits
Sports fields
Stage Productions
Pottery Wheels
Archery arrows
Making bracelets
Water balloons
Shaving cream
Hidden snacks
4th of July fireworks
Color war
And most of all friendships
Precious, lifetime connections
“Friends, friends, friends we will always be”
(and we were)

And like just then (and likely them), I am as excited for visiting day as I could possibly be…

Julia is one of our Maine Camp Enthusiasts, a group as excited and passionate as we are about going to summer camp in Maine.

Julia Beck

Photo courtesy of Julia Beck – with her daughter at her Maine camp

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