Cupid Strikes: Archery and Other Unique Activities at Maine Camps
February 13, 2018, by Jake
Cupid Strikes: Archery and Other Unique Activities at Maine Camps
February 13, 2018, by Jake

Valentine’s Day is here – and as everyone knows, on this day a winged Cupid flies around shooting arrows at unsuspecting passersby, imbuing them with feelings of love. However, while we are all familiar with the story of this endearing marksman, not too many people know how he developed his archery skills – and with a longstanding tradition of top-notch skill development, it’s easy to believe that he may have perfected his craft at a Maine Camp Experience (MCE) camp!

One of the incredible benefits of attending camp in Maine is the opportunity to experience activities that are really unique to a summer spent away. While a child may get to play soccer or basketball during the year – and will certainly get the opportunity to play these traditional sports at camp – camp also offers the opportunity for kids to try absolutely new activities that they don’t generally have access to during the school year. From archery to zip-lining, from waterskiing to woodshop, the opportunities are endless, and there really is no place like camp to try new things.

Activities like these are particularly beneficial for those campers who might be reluctant to step outside their comfort zones, as unique camp activities tend to create a more equal playing field. A camper may be hesitant to participate in a new sport or activity, even one they might enjoy, if they feel their fellow bunkmates are more experienced and thus already have a “leg-up.” However, almost all campers’ first experiences with unique camp activities will occur at camp. For the camper who is more sensitive to trying new things, the inexperience of a group as a whole might be an encouraging factor, helping them to feel comfortable with a new experience (and hopefully, helping them identify a new activity they really love!).

Of course, these activities do not exist in the camp programming simply because of their developmental benefits – unique camp activities are tons of fun! For those campers who live year round in an urban environment, an opportunity to go horseback riding several times a week, or to hike some of New England’s beautiful mountains and trails, can be an incredible and transformative experience. Campers have access to all kinds of equipment they might not have otherwise – from state-of-the-art rock walls and ropes courses, to potters wheels and woodworking studios, to canoes, kayaks & paddleboards. Camp provides a truly unique environment to experience and learn all about these fascinating activities that a camper might not have access to during the school year.

Camp in Maine really does feel like a step outside the real world – and the activities that are camp-specific really go a long way towards creating the unique feeling that a summer in Maine provides. Unique camp activities help campers develop confidence and skills and help them develop as individuals as they step outside their comfort zone. And since Cupid learned to shoot his arrows in archery, it’s no wonder we’ve all fallen in love with camp.


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