Safety is No Accident
June 12, 2012, by MCE
Safety is No Accident
June 12, 2012, by MCE

There are thousands of camps across the country, offering everything from specialized activity instruction to focus on a particular need to a traditional camp experience to everything in between.

Kids go to camp for the day, for the week, for a month, for the summer. The options are unlimited and each camp offers a very unique experience.

Despite the individual differences, all camps have a similar goal.  While we all want our campers to have fun, make friends and take our camp’s mission to heart, the number one most important agenda is safety.

A focus on safety is the common thread amongst all camps, our directors, and our staff. When safety measures are in place, then the rest comes naturally and we have some very happy campers (and parents)!

In true camp fashion, being prepared and proactive is the key to safety success. Fortunately for us, the American Camp Association (ACA) has stringent standards for accredited camps to help us maintain a very high benchmark for safety.

Below is a broad outline of the ACA standards categories we cover at Kamp Kohut each and every summer to ensure a successful summer full of fun. Under each category there are many specific regulations, usually 20–30 standards, which go into great depth and detail.


General Site/Facility, Sleeping Quarters, Food Safety, Food Service Areas


Types of Vehicles, Transportation/Vehicle Procedures, Vehicle Checks & Equipment, Driver Requirements & Training


Healthcare Personnel, Health Screening & Assessments, Healthcare Practices, Healthcare Center & Equipment, Recordkeeping & Health Records, Staff Health Information, Short-term Residential/Family Programs/Camps Serving Rental Groups


Risk Prevention and Management, Emergency Prevention/Preparedness & Response, Additional Requirements Related to Rental Groups


Staff Qualifications, Screening, Selection & Employment, Staff Supervision Ratios, Staff Training, Staff Supervision


Promoting Camp Quality and Camper Welfare, Promoting Safety in Overnights & Trips, Staff Qualifications & Supervision for Specialized Activities, Activity Support & Supervision, Equipment & Facilities, Protective Headgear & Apparel, Additional Safety Requirements for Horseback Riding, oversight of Public Providers of Program Activities & Rental Groups


Personnel and Supervision, Safety/Emergency Procedures & Systems, Aquatic Venues & Activities, Watercraft Activities, Aquatic Activities with Public Providers


Personnel, Supervision, & Training, Safety & Emergency Procedures, Aquatics

You can read more about the safety standards here.

There are also state regulations and annual inspections of camp facilities by the Department of Health & Human Services, not to mention a variety of staff training programs by nationally recognized organizations, such as the American Red Cross and the US Sailing Association.

We offer lifeguard training, powerboat safety courses, archery instructor certifications, First Aid & CPR classes, Water Safety Instructor certifications, Servsafe qualifications, and more. We also have on staff a student of the Gene Ezersky College of Safety.

Obviously, safety is a top priority for camps. It ensures our campers have the BEST camp experience possible and that is no accident!


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