Why Maine Campers Return Summer after Summer
February 27, 2024, by MCE Blog Team
Why Maine Campers Return Summer after Summer
February 27, 2024, by MCE Blog Team

Looking at this picture, it’s awesome to see that so many kids return summer after summer to their Maine Camp. The numbers on the shirts (5, 6, 7, 8, and 9) indicate how many summers the campers attended and you can see it’s many! (And that’s just the campers … many staff also have shirts with numbers in the 20’s and 30’s!) Kids look forward to camp all year long and can’t wait to return to their home away from home.

Benefits accrue from returning to camp in Maine summer after summer. Here are 12 reasons why:

  • Campers get a break from social media
    • Not thinking about posting content, getting Likes, and seeing what other people are doing is refreshing
  • Campers take time off of screens
    • Watching TV and playing video games are okay, but living in the moment and engaging in real-world life is more satisfying
  • Campers enjoy nature
    • It’s incredible to have daily waterfront activity on big, clear lakes and to be surrounded by beautiful pine trees
  • Campers are their best selves
    • There are no preconceived notions nor specific “roles” campers feel like they need to fulfill at camp; they can choose their friends, enjoy activities they like, and set/achieve goals they want to accomplish
  • Campers like being able to try new things
    • Campers are positively influenced by new experiences like trying different foods, being in the play, creating art and music, and joining an intercamp sports team
  • Campers like spending time doing things they already love
    • With so many amazing activities and top-notch instruction, campers get lots of quality time doing what they want – sailing, soccer, painting and more!
  • Campers love time with their camp friends
    • Camp friends are best friends! There’s nothing like the sisterhood and brotherhood formed with camp friends who come from all over. Friendships deepen summer after summer and “strangers” become family. Living and growing together is the best!
  • Campers like being a part of a community
    • Kids are part of something greater than themselves. They share traditions, songs, jokes, and more with their community, which includes campers currently at camp with them, alumni who came before them (plus kids who will come after), and the greater network of campers across Maine Camps
  • Campers like growing more independent, confident, and resilient
    • Away from parents, kids learn to make decisions, advocate for themselves, and handle challenges (all with guidance from caring and experienced camp directors and staff) which helps them grow immensely at the time and for life
  • Campers like taking memorable trips
    • It’s incredible to be able to hike, bike, raft, and sleep out overnight in places like Acadia National Park. Even smaller adventures like blueberry picking trips are so much fun!
  • Campers look forward to the traditions and special events they have each year
    • Campers love dressing in funny costumes for camp holidays, enjoy annual special events like carnival, and relish singing camp songs by the campfire
  • Campers look forward to things they’ll get to do as they progress in their camp summers
    • Campers can’t wait to become a “big sister” or “big brother,” take the trip they’ve heard about from older campers, and gain responsibilities like garnering leadership roles in Olympics

So, why do Maine campers return summer after summer? It’s because there’s no place like camp! Camp is an amazing growth experience that keeps on giving, year after year after year.

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