The Road to Adventure: Exciting Summer Trips at Maine Camps!
July 30, 2019, by Jake
The Road to Adventure: Exciting Summer Trips at Maine Camps!
July 30, 2019, by Jake

Maine is an incredible place to attend camp in and of itself. From the beautiful lakes, sprawling lawns – not to mention a beautiful summer climate – Maine is both a picturesque and practical place to spend summers at camp. However, there’s more to camp than the grounds where campers spend most of their days, and many Maine Camp Experience (MCE) camps take advantage of Maine’s location by sending campers on incredible trips throughout their summers at camp. Especially in the second half of summer, campers may take some amazing, extended overnight trips and travel experiences that become highlights of their summers for years to come.

Of course, many MCE camp trips will be centered around the great outdoors. Campers participate in hiking trips throughout their summers in Maine, and campers at many camps MCE will conquer some of the tallest peaks in the region like Mount Washington and Mount Katahdin. Of course, these outdoor trips aren’t just for hikers, and campers also get to experience adventures while biking, canoeing, kayaking, or even whitewater rafting. With the incredible wilderness opportunities surrounding Maine, there is no shortage of opportunities to get in touch with Mother Nature for and spend some time in the great outdoors.

However, many MCE camps also offer trips for campers with other interests, and oftentimes as campers get older they will travel to different highlight destinations in the Northeast United States! For example, at the MCE camp I work at, as well as the MCE camp I grew up at, campers get to spend some time outside camp exploring the incredible Maine city of Bar Harbor, enjoying restaurants, beaches, and spending some time biking and exploring this New England gem of a town. At the camp I work at, when we break into our “Ten Day Calendar” – special programming which defines the final stretch of summer – our second-oldest campers also spend a day in beautiful Portland (where many of their parents choose to stay during Visiting Day Weekend). At other MCE camps, campers will travel a bit further to urban centers like Boston, experiencing the culture this amazing city has to offer.

Beyond these incredible trips to New England destinations, some MCE camps will take things a bit further – literally – with trips to nearby Canada or other parts of the United States. As a camper, I think my favorite ever camp trip we took was to Montreal when I was 14. It was incredible to experience the culture of this environment, and to get to spend time in what felt like another world – the fact that a short bus ride was all it took to get to a beautiful city where English isn’t the first language is something I am still amazed by today. At the MCE camp I work at, the campers don’t go to Montreal, however our oldest girls travel to the region’s capital, spending several days in Quebec City. In fact, just minutes ago as I write this, the bus back to camp from Quebec pulled up, and cheerful campers spilled out with souvenirs raving about this experience.

At the MCE camp I grew up at, the final trip for the oldest campers is a culminating experience that campers look forward to for years. Campers will fly out west shortly after Visiting Day. They spend time in Utah – including in cities like Park City, and around natural wonders like Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park – then culminate the trip with some time in Las Vegas, riding roller coasters and getting a taste of that City of Lights

Of course, a summer spent at camp will be defined by the moment-to-moment experiences you have each day. From rest hours, to intercamps, to special camp events – it is the little things that make a summer spent in Maine at an MCE camp such a unique experience. However, there’s something to be said for the incredible trips that serve as summer highlights, broaden campers’ perspectives, and contribute overall to an amazing summer at camp!

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