Take a Mental Health Break at Maine Camps
March 22, 2022, by MCE Blog Team
Take a Mental Health Break at Maine Camps
March 22, 2022, by MCE Blog Team

As we’ve ridden the waves of Covid, see countries at war, and navigate our day-to-day challenges like the economy and pressures at work and school, things may feel heavy. One way to navigate these tough times is to take time out when we can for a mental health break, and camp is a great way to do this – for kids and their parents.

Camp boosts kids’ physical and mental wellness. As Laurie, the Maine Camp Experience Campcierge™ shares in this article she wrote for the March/April issue of Maine Parent & Family Magazine (page 10), there are many mental health benefits from camp in Maine.

Why Overnight Camp is Good for Your Child’s Mental Health:

  1. Outside in Nature – getting outside lowers stress and it boosts wellbeing. Campers get lots of sunlight, which is a great source of Vitamin D, as they enjoy activities like sailing on the lake.
  2. Active – being active helps elevate kids’ mood, lowers anxiety, and prevents kids from being tired and lazy. While camp does provide downtime to relax, the days are full of fun activities to keep bodies and minds active.
  3. Social – in the tech-free camp environment, kids are off social media, TV, and online gaming which can be isolating. They are making meaningful, real-world connections with peers and having fun with camp friends. 
  4. Community – In the camp setting, kids are part of something greater than themselves. Maine campers are part of a community, which builds confidence. In addition to living in a cabin with campers the same age, special events and traditions bring the whole camp together. Shared values and experiences unite the current camp population, as well as help bond campers with alumni who came before them and younger campers who will follow. And, in addition to the community at a particular camp, children are part of the larger network of Maine Camps overall, which is a nice connection as they go through life at college, in careers, and beyond.
  5. Eating and Sleeping Well – Campers thrive from eating and sleeping well. They’re given a balanced diet with three full meals and snacks that provide vital essentials like iron and B12 which are important for a good mood. The menus are varied and robust and offer a lot of choices complete with lots of veggies and proteins. Campers get plenty of sleep, too, which is also vital for their active days and wellbeing. Campers will find themselves tired from the full day’s activities and falling asleep pretty quickly after lights out at night. 

Also, parents get a much-needed break, too, when their children are at camp. The daily grind can feel like a hamster wheel that leads to burnout. The juggling act of working hard to earn an income plus taking care of kids can have parents feel like they’re running on empty. When children are away at camp, parents get to recharge and reset, which is healthy and helpful for themselves and their kids.

For all these reasons, Maine overnight camps really give kids and their parents a great way to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge. Campers feel great while they’re at camp, and the benefits and learnings last throughout the school year ‘til they can return to their camp summer home again. Camps do fill quickly, so now’s the time to research and enroll your child if you haven’t already. 

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“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”

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