No More Pencils, No More Books … Time For Summer Camp
June 18, 2015, by Kristy
No More Pencils, No More Books … Time For Summer Camp
June 18, 2015, by Kristy

Photo and post courtesy of Laurie, our Maine Campcierge

As this school year comes to an end and camp is about to begin – amongst the craziness of camp trunk packing, end-of-year celebrations, recitals and sports playoff games, and so much more … I’m taking a minute to reflect. I’m thinking about the choices I’ve made throughout the year and those that my friends and fellow parents have talked about when it comes to our kids.

Decisions like:

  • When to make a special request for a certain teacher or advocate to be on a certain team, and when to let it go
  • When/if to intervene in kids’ relationships and when to give best counsel and let them handle things themselves
  • How were their after-school activity schedules? What tweaks should be made for next year?
  • What is the “right” age/time for a cell phone, certain movies, and hanging out without parents?
  • Were my kids fed decently at dinnertime? Did they read enough? Did they sleep enough? Did they grow physically, mentally, and emotionally?
  • Could I have yelled less? Could my kids have helped out a little more?

And so much more.

With so many decisions to make for the kids throughout each year, I am truly happy to have made the choice of summer camp in Maine. With confidence (and gratitude), I am preparing once again to send my daughter to camp where I know I know she will unplug, have fun, be with camp friends, get to waterski, explore nature, develop more independence, and emerge both a little tired but mostly refreshed and ready to take on another school year. Back home this summer, I will look forward to receiving letters and hearing about camp from her (while NOT packing lunchboxes, driving carpools or nagging her to help clean up).  #Ten4Two

Maine Camp Experience Resources & Tools

Looking for the perfect Maine camp for your child?  Try out our helpful tool where you can select a camp by choosing: type of camp (girls, boys or coed) and session length (1-8 weeks).  It helps to narrow down a few camps to a manageable list that includes rates.  Then you can research these camps in more depth.  

Next, be sure to contact our Maine Campcierge™ to discuss these camps as well as for free, year-round advice and assistance on choosing a great Maine summer camp for your child.

You can share your own Maine camps memories & expressions of gratitudeon our Memories of Camp section of our website.

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“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”

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