Holidays are Here: Give The Gift of Summer Camp in Maine!
November 20, 2018, by Jake
Holidays are Here: Give The Gift of Summer Camp in Maine!
November 20, 2018, by Jake

The season of gift-giving is upon us again! Over the course of the next month we’ll experience several yuletide holidays; a time for family, friends, and fun celebrations – and a time to share gifts with those we love!

If you’re looking for the perfect present for your child or grandchild this holiday season, consider giving the gift that lasts a lifetime – the gift of a summer spent at camp in Maine. While tech and gadgets may be obvious choices for holiday gifts, the gift of a screen-free summer – not to mention all of the other myriad benefits of attending a camp in Maine – has long-reaching impact that no material gift can match.

The gift of a Maine Camp Experience (MCE) camp is the gift of a lifetime of friendships. It is the gift of growth – of confidence and independence, of skill-building and exploration. A summer at an MCE camp is not only fun – full of special activities, Color Wars, bunk time with best friends, and memories to last a lifetime – it has long-term benefits that extend well beyond one summer and even their summer camp years. It is an opportunity for kids to see and live in a beautiful, unique part of the country (and parents and grandparents who give the gift of Maine camp may also get to enjoy “Vacationland” if they visit their campers). The gift of camp is the gift of relationships that carry into college, careers, and beyond. It is something your child will cherish now and as they grow older.

Of course, presentation matters – so what can you give your child to represent this incredible present? Consider presenting them with their very own “Camp Starter Pack.” Include a camp t-shirt or other apparel (onesies and personalized jerseys are always a hit), camp stationery or fun bunk games and activities (like decks of cards and Mad Libs). You can even let them take their gift to bed with a camp blanket or personalized pillow. Carve out some time to watch the camp video and browse the website – even if your child has seen them before, there’s a brand new energy and excitement once he or she is actually enrolled!

Some Maine Camp Experience (MCE) camps may fill in certain age groups, and to ensure a spot it’s always best to act early – so now really is the perfect time to enroll your child. And, if you need help choosing the right camp, our Campcierge™ can provide free, expert guidance. Enrolling your child in a camp now also gives you plenty of time for them to adjust to the idea of a summer spent away, which oftentimes makes the transition more manageable for first-time campers. And most importantly – when you give the gift of camp, be sure to celebrate it with silliness, love, and affection – after all, that’s what a summer at camp is all about.

And we’re not the only ones who cherish the gift of camp in Maine – check out #18 on this list from Traveling Boy!

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You can share your own Maine camps memories & expressions of gratitudeon our Memories of Camp section of our website.

Looking for the perfect Maine camp for your child?  Try out our helpful tool where you can select a camp by choosing: type of camp (girls, boys or coed) and session length (1-8 weeks).  It helps to narrow down a few camps to a manageable list that includes rates.  Then you can research these camps in more depth.

Next, be sure to contact our Maine Camp Guide, Laurie to discuss these camps as well as for free, year-round advice and assistance on choosing a great Maine summer camp for your child.

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“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”




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