Silliness at Maine Camps
March 31, 2020, by MCE Blog Team
Silliness at Maine Camps
March 31, 2020, by MCE Blog Team

While we are at home during these challenging times, we at Maine Camp Experience (MCE) are finding ways to reignite the silly camper inside all of us. We remain strong and we find ways to occupy ourselves till we’re back together at camp in Maine.

For MCE blogger Emma, these past few weeks at home with her family have given her a unique reminder of what it means to be a forever camper at heart and to find the fun in any situation. Whether it’s been reusing her old camp card games with her sister, or uniting with camp friends over a Zoom call, these crazy and strange few weeks have brought back countless memories of the silliness and fun that each camper experiences every summer.

Believe it or not, April Fool’s Day is this week. This holiday reminds the MCE team of the unique type of fun that is so special to camp. So many of MCE blogger Emma’s fondest camp memories involve laughing until it hurts – whether it was because of fun-spirited pranks, funny skit nights with counselors and campers, or merely because of a silly joke whispered during “Flashlight Time” at night. Camp in Maine provides campers with a chance to forget about the stressors of the world around us, and to experience the simple silliness of making your own fun.

We are reminded by the camper within that it’s important to take a walk, play camp games, and to use laughter to replenish our souls! From evening activities like one at Emma’s Maine Camp, in which campers dress up in crazy costumes and have a silly “auction,” to an annual prank by girls in one of the youngest bunks at MCE blogger Ali’s Maine Camp, laughter is a crucial part of the fabric of what makes Maine Camps such a wonderful experience for so many people.

While we try to navigate through this unprecedented time, we are reminded of the value of silliness. Camp is the perfect chance for kids to blow off steam over the summer – to make new friends, be silly, have fun and make countless memories. And, camp doesn’t stop when the summer is over. As MCE blogger Emma recounted her favorite silly memories with her camp friends over Zoom, she says: “I was momentarily distracted from our current situation, and instead was thinking about the countless fun times we accumulated over our seven summers.”

As we all settle in, we are encouraged to revitalize the camper-like silliness from within. There is no better time to remember the simple joys and silliness that comes with being a camper!

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