The Top 5 Similarities Between the Holidays and Maine Camps
December 25, 2018, by Jake
The Top 5 Similarities Between the Holidays and Maine Camps
December 25, 2018, by Jake

While we still think summer is the most wonderful time of the year, it’s hard not to love the winter holidays. And in fact, there may be more common ground than you realize between camp in Maine and the holiday season. So without further adieu – we don’t want to keep you from time with family or Yuletide festivities – here are our top 5 similarities between the holidays and camp in Maine.


1. The Anticipation

Because both camp and the holidays are so exciting, there is a ton of build up surrounding them. Many Maine campers start counting down the days months in advance, just as festive decorations and music help to set the stage for the holiday season. And in both cases, the real thing lives up to the hype.


2. Enjoying Time off From School

Both summer and holiday vacations provide a much needed break from school for students. And just as families spend quality time together during the holidays, best friends get to spend their summers at camp together. In both cases, (though increased time together might mean a few moments of strain), this time brings us closer together and helps strengthen our relationships.


3. Rituals and Traditions

Every family has their own way to celebrate – from a traditional ham to a trip to the movies. And no matter what your holiday pastime is, chances are you do the same thing every year. In the same way, each summer at camp is marked by traditions – from annual campfires and Color Wars to special desserts. And though each year is different, the feeling that ties us together remains the same in large part thanks to the continuity these traditions provide.


4. A Goodie or Two

The holidays provide an opportunity to treat yourself here and there. From a special cookie to a coveted present — it might not be the most important part of the holidays … but it sure is a nice treat! The same holds true for Visiting Day at camp — campers’ favorite part of this day is the moment they get to see their parents after a few weeks apart, and those moments really are special. But ask any camper and they’ll tell you – getting a few treats in the process provides a nice additional perk!


5. You’re Already Ready for Next Year!

Sometimes you might wish your holiday vacation could last forever. And when the buses roll up on closing day, it can be hard to say goodbye to your summer home and return to everyday life. But part of what makes both camp and the holidays so special is that they are unique times in our lives. And when one season ends, we can always look ahead to when it all comes back next year.

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