The Sport for a Lifetime – Tennis at Maine Camps!
June 4, 2019, by Jake
The Sport for a Lifetime – Tennis at Maine Camps!
June 4, 2019, by Jake

There are certain activities that are absolutely unique to summers spent at camp. Many Maine Camp Experience (MCE) take advantage of hours spent on sailboats, waterskis and in canoes, or navigating high-ropes courses and hikes of Maine, which is incredibly valuable because these are activities that can be more difficult to access outside of camp. However, MCE camps also provide campers with the opportunity to play and improve in the sports that will be accessible and present throughout their lifetimes – and tennis, one of the most ubiquitous sports in the world, certainly falls in this category. At MCE camps, campers have the opportunity to learn and compete in the “sport of a lifetime” and develop the hard skills that will serve them on the hard court for years to come.

Many MCE camps prioritize providing consistent, high-quality tennis instruction to all campers. For camps that have structured programs, tennis is oftentimes a core activity that may be assigned multiple times a week – and in addition to this group instruction, some MCE camps offer private tennis lessons for campers during rest hour or free periods. Camps invest in hiring tennis pros with a track record of teaching kids. They ensure their tennis staffs are able to cater to a wide variety of abilities – counselors teach the basics of the sport to beginners, and provide technical coaching to competitive players. Some MCE athletes go on to compete well beyond their camp days – in fact, I attended college with a boy I’d grown up going to an MCE camp with, and he played on the varsity tennis team. In addition to group instruction, some MCE camps also offer private lessons for campers during rest hour or free periods.

Of course, not everything can be taught in a lesson – luckily, MCE campers have plenty of opportunity to compete in tennis at camp as well. Most MCE camps offer both intracamp and intercamp tournaments so campers who are interested have ample opportunities to get a feel for match play. And again, camps are sure to schedule in opportunities for campers of all abilities so that those kids who might not be ready for Division 1 still have a chance to compete.

In addition to providing top-notch coaching and plenty of opportunities to play, camps also ensure they offer high-quality tennis facilities and equipment to help foster growth and learning. Most MCE camps offer high-quality, well-maintained hard courts for tennis, though some also have clay courts. Oftentimes, these courts will also have top-notch lighting for night matches under the lights. And while most campers bring their own racquets, instructors utilize ladders, balls of different bounce, feeders, and other pieces of coaching equipment to help kids learn.

So if you’re looking to raise a racquet this summer, head to Maine where MCE camps are serving up some of the finest tennis programs in camping. It’s sure to be a smash!

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