The New American Diet
February 7, 2013, by Kristy
The New American Diet
February 7, 2013, by Kristy

Guest post by Pam Cobb, Director of Camp Runoia 

After lunch, as I look out on the Apple Tree field (looking like a Currier and Ives card with 24+ hours of snow falling), I take a minute to dig into my “to read” pile. My newest magazine is AARP. Yep! Although I’ve resisted embracing the Association of Retired People, they are persistent. Ever since I turned 50 a few years ago, their magazine continues to show up in my office. Today’s article is “The New American Diet.” After finishing my veggie burger and pickle with pear for dessert, I feel semi self-righteous diving into the article. Here are some great tips from Dr. John Whyte, followed by Runoia’s approach: 

Have Breakfast Every Day

We have a great camp breakfast with loads of choices for everyone.

Drink More Water

Our daily Assembly water announcement sounds like we are doing the right thing!

Get Fishy

I feel really great about adding fish back to the menu one time a week.

Embrace Whole Grains

Brown rice? Whole wheat bread? Oatmeal and bran? Yes, yes, and yes!

Fill Up On Fruits And Veggies 

We have a salad bar option twice a day, a breakfast bar with fresh fruit, fresh fruit snacks, carrots and hummus. We’re doing well!

Include Low-Fat Dairy Food

We do well with no-fat yogurt on the breakfast bar. Please give us your suggestions for other low-fat substitutes!

Don’t Eat Out For Two Weeks

Assuming they are not referring to our camping trips, we comply!

Snack Smart

Okay, I confess – I changed this from “Snack often.” We serve healthy snacks three times a day.

Chew Gum

Sorry folks, I don’t see this one coming to camp any time soon. The top reason is how to dispose of said gum on the way to the archery range!


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“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”

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