Skills Learned at Maine Summer Camps Are Forever
January 14, 2016, by Kristy
Skills Learned at Maine Summer Camps Are Forever
January 14, 2016, by Kristy

A little while ago, our Maine CampciergeTM came across a friend’s photo on Facebook (the middle one above!). In this photo, she is waterskiing. At 45. In Croatia. And the caption reads “Thank you Camp Pinecliffe!”

Now, she could be thanking her Maine camp for several different reasons. It could be that she learned to ski at Camp Pinecliffe (most likely). It could be that her summers spent at camp gave her the confidence to go after things like travel and adventure (also likely). And it could be that she was really happy, and that naturally made her think of summer camp in Maine (or maybe all three!).

Looking at this awesome, fun, adventure-filled photo made me think about the skills we learn at summer camp. I talk about that a lot, I know – how our Maine campers learn tangible skills (like water skiing, cooking, playing the guitar, climbing a rock wall, hiking, swimming … I could go on and on) and intangible skills (leadership, compassion, confidence, the benefits of unplugging, independence … I could go on and on) every day of the summer that goes by. But what this also tells us is really key – the skills learned at Maine summer camps stay with us forever.

Think about how powerful that is. When a child attends sleepaway camp, the immediate benefits are usually pretty visible – campers come back from their summers in Maine refreshed, more confident, more willing to make their beds or try new foods. But if you checked back in with those same campers 20, 30, 40 years later, my bet is you’d find many of those learned traits still in tact.

Many campers learn a new skill that stays with them for the rest of their life. Whether it’s water skiing or throwing a pot, cooking a well-balanced meal or kayaking down a picturesque river – summer camp allows children to stretch and grow and try new things in a safe environment like nothing else. After learning whatever skill it is, the lesson is reinforced over the course of the summer by being around supportive counselors, enthusiastic bunkmates, and a positive camp environment. So that’s how you learn to water ski when you are 10 and can pull that trick out of the hat at age 45 for a fantastic time in a foreign country.

In other words, the lessons learned at camp are forever. And they leave a mark in the best way possible.

What was the “best” lesson you ever learned at camp? What lesson do you still remember and/or use to this day? I’m sure there are thousands of different answers!

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