New Year; What’s New at Maine Camps?!
January 8, 2019, by Jake
New Year; What’s New at Maine Camps?!
January 8, 2019, by Jake

Maine Camp Experience (MCE) camps are first-rate at maintaining generations of incredible traditions and iconic facilities while also evolving to introduce new activities that will enhance the camper experience. So what’s new at MCE camps in 2019?  Here’s just a glimpse of what this summer has in store.

The What

In athletics, one MCE camp is introducing a PGA Golf Academy at nearby Poland Springs Golf Resort, while another is introducing Frisbee Golf as an activity.  Additions at other MCE camps include: a new fencing program, a brand-new specialty Equestrian Academy riding camp, and a new theater and hip hop dance program at a boys camp.

In the arts, many MCE camps are bolstering their program with activities like ukulele lessons, creative writing & journalism, photography & video, digital media, and leatherworking. Of course, new activities aren’t limited to these categories – other new offerings for 2019 span from animal care (with baby cows, chickens, goats, bunnies, and reptiles) to rocketry & Lego robotics. Campers will grow ingredients for the dining hall in new horticulture & gardening programs, and get to taste the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor at mealtimes.

Of course, the outdoor adventure offerings at Maine camps are always a priority as well. Some MCE camps are introducing or adding challenging new elements to exciting American Ninja Warrior courses.  Camps are adding new mountain bikes and forging new trails, adding ropes course elements, and expanding their waterfront activities.

Memorable out-of-camp trips are also a hallmark of MCE camps.  One MCE camp is introducing a Moose Safari activity where campers travel on foot and via canoe to see Moose!  Another camp will bring its 14-year-old campers to Vermont.

MCE camps are also enhancing their CIT programs with community service options and certification programs for lifeguarding and more, and adding Junior Counselor programs.


The Where

While the heart of camp remains the same summer to summer, each offseason provides a wonderful opportunity for a little facelift.  Many MCE camps will be making improvements to their facilities in 2019. Some camps are refurbishing existing buildings, such as camper cabins (including adding special insulation to keep cabins cool for campers’ comfort), and the nature barn at one camp. In addition to these updates, some camps are introducing brand new buildings this summer.  One will have a new dining hall with wrap-around porch and another will have a new fitness center featuring a front wall that opens (garage-door style) so campers can enjoy yoga and other exercise in the fresh air. We can’t wait to see these new changes firsthand!

Campers and staff alike return to their MCE camps year after year because there is something special about their summer home. However, just because something is wonderful that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. We’re so excited to get to Maine again in 2019, and experience all the new excitement this summer has to offer!

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