My Baby’s Going to Summer Camp; Empty Nester – by Laurie Kaiden
May 19, 2016, by Jake
My Baby’s Going to Summer Camp; Empty Nester – by Laurie Kaiden
May 19, 2016, by Jake

When we chose a summer camp in Maine for my older daughter a few years ago, I knew there would come a time when her little sis would go too.  As it often happens, the younger kid will start a year earlier.  Great for her … she’s ready … not sure about me!  An “empty nester” I will be.

Friends with only younger kids ask with a look of disbelief and a twinge of envy … “Am I excited?!” and “What will I do with myself?” with a feint glimmer of hope and some doubt that their day may actually come.

Friends with older kids share how great it is to food shop a lot less, go out a lot more, travel, relax and reboot.  Also, the chance to tackle projects like cleaning out old clothes and toys, and catching up on photo albums if I feel so inclined.  They say to get it all in while I can because the amount of summers that all your kids are away at camp may be precious and few.

The chance to ___ (fill in the blank with “play tennis” “do yoga,” “get work done,” etc.) and enjoy some peace and quiet without refereeing fights about who picks the TV show, who sits where in the car, and so on, can only happen when we know our kids are safe, well cared for, and happy.

With my kids at camp in Maine, I know they will be unplugged from their screens and social media, connecting with nature, and having fun with their camp friends.  They’ll be trying new activities like sailing, enjoying camp traditions like campfires and color war, and learning life skills like making their bed, cleaning their cabin, and caring for themselves.  They’ll be making choices, navigating relationships, and developing their character.  These learning opportunities are an invaluable pre-cursor to college, careers and life beyond.

So … where you ask will I be vacationing this summer without kids? … Maine!  We considered a lot of amazing options from Colorado to Croatia, and many in between.  In the end, we are looking forward to exploring this great state that our kids will enjoy as the backdrop to their camp experience.  We will hike in Acadia National Park and raft on the Kennebec River.  We will eat well in Portland, “the foodie capital of the Northeast.”  And, we will enjoy exploring towns like Bar Harbor, Camden, and Kennebunkport.

We will undoubtedly miss our girls tremendously!!!, but know that they are enjoying their camp experiences.  And, we’ll look forward to quality time back together at the beach with the whole family at summer’s end.

I wish all the empty nesters, the first timers, the old timers, and the prospective camp families a great summer filled with amazing adventures.

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“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”

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