Messy Moments at Maine Camps
March 7, 2017, by Jake
Messy Moments at Maine Camps
March 7, 2017, by Jake

By Laurie the Maine Campcierge™

As my kids and their friends make slime (again) – I try to be cool about the smattering of corn starch, laundry detergent, glue, shaving cream, contact solution, and multi-colored modeling material that is spreading like a fungus across my kitchen table and all over their sticky hands.  I am able to remain calm for what I consider a pretty long time, but once it starts getting on their clothes and in their hair, and one kid verbalizes the idea of throwing it against the wall to see if the slime would stick – I’ve had enough! This parent can only take so much, but Maine camps can take so, so much more!!

Demonstrating the value of kids being kids, camp is the ultimate place to get dirty having fun.  It’s a happenstance pervasive in pretty much every facet of camp.  At arts and crafts, campers may get messy at the pottery wheel, or while tie dying t-shirts, or painting a nature-inspired scene down by the lake.

At land sports, a grass-stained shirt from a diving catch or dirt-covered pants from sliding into home base are celebrated.  These feats earn cheers and serve as badges of great accomplishment.

And during meal time – at a picnic-style lunch outside or a dinner in the dining hall – undoubtedly, ketchup or sauce will run amuck on the side of many mouths and fingers … all with NO parent present yielding a stain stick.  At cookouts, without fail, a fine mixture of gooey chocolate and marshmallow and a touch of campfire soot will pepper the hair and clothes of many happy campers.

And, camp’s special events bring an even more special type of heightened, fun mess.  In Color Runs, Color War, and Tug of War, campers may be covered from head to toe in the activities du jour (crack an egg on your head lately?).  An occasional lucky camper or counselor may even get a pie to the face.

Whether it’s a bit of sand sticking to your skin after a swim in the lake or full-on muck from diving into an oversized pit of Jell-O – being a mess is an integral part of so many great camp moments.  And, while moms may need to toss a few dirty socks or swampy shirts when their campers come home – we know the mess means success.

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