Combatting Cabin Fever – Inspired by Maine Camp Experience Summers
March 13, 2020, by MCE Blog Team
Combatting Cabin Fever – Inspired by Maine Camp Experience Summers
March 13, 2020, by MCE Blog Team

In the midst of schools and public events shutting down, many families are thinking about what to do for these next coming weeks while we are asked by our schools, towns and government to stay home as much as possible. Here at Maine Camp Experience (MCE), we are looking to camp for inspiration. We can think of no better place to look for ideas on how to stay busy and positive than summer camp.

Anyone who has spent a summer at camp knows that there are ample ways of how to stay occupied and laughing as a group, even without depending on technology. Here are some of our ideas, inspired by Maine Camps:

  1. Card Games
    No one knows as many variations of card games as an MCE camper: Rummy, Go Fish, BS, War, Solitaire, Crazy Eights, and the list goes on. A good card game makes time fly by!
  2. Board Games
    With the popularity of iPhone and computer games, it’s easy to forget the many board games that are in our homes. Now’s a great time to explore what’s hiding in those cabinets! Remember how much fun these board games are: Guess Who, Sorry!, Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, and Battleship? We do! Let the board games begin!
  3. Singing/Music
    While it may sound taboo, nothing brings a group together like writing lyrics to a well-known tune. If your family members are campers at heart, we think they would all agree. Consider writing a silly song about your day to a tune that everyone knows! Additionally, if you have an instrument at home, now’s a great time to learn a new instrument or build skills with an instrument you already know!
  4. Sports
    On a warm day, what’s better than playing sports outside? The list of camp sports and activities is infinite! Need inspiration for some of our favorite camp activities? Check out our recent blog post: The A-Z of Maine Camp Experience Camp Activities.
  5. Skits
    No one knows a good skit night like an MCE camper. As a group, come up with a theme and create a skit. Videotape it and send it to friends and family to make them laugh!
  6. Create
    Arts and crafts is one of the most popular camp activities at camp for a reason. Use your hands to express your creativity. This may mean something different for everyone. For mom, this may mean putting together that photo album that you’ve always been hoping to put together. For kids, it could be making a drawing, a Lego sculpture, a bracelet, or whatever their heart desires!
  7. Read
    Pick up a book. At camp, we’ve found that older kids at camp often read on their own while in younger bunks, in many causes camp counselors will read out loud to their kids. This can be applicable at home! If you’ve already read everything at home, see if your library has an e-book website or app!
  8. Classic Cabin Activities
    Now’s a great time to teach your kids how to play Jacks, join in on a family game of Mad Libs, or play Pick-Up Sticks. Maybe you can make string or beaded bracelets together. Nothing beats classic cabin games!
  9. Anything specific to your camp
    If your child has gone to an MCE camp ask them what their favorite camp activities are. This could inspire a fun new family activity!
  10. FaceTime your camp friends
    Okay … so maybe this one’s not “tech free” like the above mentioned camp-like activities, but it makes our list because being with camp friends, no matter if near or far, makes everything better!

There’s no telling what the immediate future will bring. But, if we’ve learned anything from camp, keeping our minds and bodies active will help us all feel our best! Camp has also taught us that there’s no better way to strengthen bonds and create lifelong friendships than by spending consecutive long days together. Stay healthy and happy camp families!

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