Celebrating the Nurses at Maine Camps!
June 19, 2018, by Jake
Celebrating the Nurses at Maine Camps!
June 19, 2018, by Jake

Hello from Maine! While many Maine Camp Experience (MCE) camps’ opening days won’t come until later this week, the vast majority of staff members and other behind-the-scenes facilitators are currently hard at work making sure everything is set for the campers’ arrival, and helping to prepare for Summer 2018.

And among those staff members are some of the most important (and often underappreciated) people at every camp – the nursing staff! Part of what makes camp such an incredible place, is that it is an environment in which kids can learn to safely take risks and grow – and an integral part of that growth is the fact that, at the end of the day, the campers know they are safe and taken care of. MCE camps each hire their own team of professional nurses – many of whom return summer after summer – who are responsible for taking care of any nicks, scrapes, or other maladies that might arise over the course of a summer at camp.

Of course, the nurses at MCE camps are responsible for far more than distributing daily medications, applying Neosporin, or providing band-aids — these nurses not only have wonderful professional credentials and experience, but they also maintain the bedside manner and gentleness that is equally important when dealing with a camper who is feeling unwell away from home. The tenderness with which nurses treat each of the campers – whether it is a regular visitor who is simply picking up daily meds, or a nervous first-time camper with an upset stomach – is a vital aspect to ensuring each camper feels taken care of, and knows they are in safe hands. And in addition to these wonderful nurses, many MCE camps have a rotation of doctors who do weekly stays at camp, and who can provide on-site check-ups when required.

It’s also worth noting that, while various members of the nursing staff can be seen all over camp at any given time, their true domain is in health centers designed for camper comfort. While rustic living may be a part of the experience at some MCE camps, the health centers are often exceptions to this rule – most MCE camps’ health centers are air-conditioned, with full electricity and plumbing. And health centers also oftentimes offer a few choice amenities, like televisions and a selection of movies, to help campers pass the time if they need an extended stay for any reason.

However, it is the people who make the place. At MCE camps you can rest assured that your child will always be well-cared for, both physically and emotionally, thanks to the wonderful nurses who travel to Maine each summer – and we are so grateful to have them as part of our camp community!

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