5 Reasons We’re Thankful … For Summer Camp
November 25, 2015, by Kristy
5 Reasons We’re Thankful … For Summer Camp
November 25, 2015, by Kristy

When we’re sitting around the Thanksgiving table tomorrow, one of the things we will definitely be giving thanks for is summer camp. It may be cold out and camp may be months away, but just the promise of a summer in Maine keeps us warm all year long. If you or your child attends a Maine summer camp, you probably have a long list of reasons why you’re thankful for camp – let’s see if our lists overlap! Presenting our …

Top 5 Reasons We’re Thankful For Summer Camp:

  1. The Opportunity to Try New Things

Summer camp in Maine offers the chance to try things you might never otherwise have the opportunity to do. The list is long, but just consider the crystal clear lakes there are to sail on, swim in, and waterski around. Or the lush green forests with trails to hike, trees to zipline through, clearings to camp in, and mountains to climb. Maine campers have a daily chance for adventure, able to try new things in a safe environment with supportive people around to cheer them on.

  1. The People

It is often said that the connections made at camp are incredibly strong. The people who we encounter during that magical time of summer camp leave an impression on us. Whether it’s our fellow campers, the camp directors, counselors, staff, or even a new version of ourselves we get to know – we will be forever changed by these meetings. Our summer camp connections give us strength, teach us about unity, and help us reach new heights. That’s why it is also often said that summer camp friends are friends for life.

  1. The Intangible Benefits

There are so many things about summer camp that are positive (experts and parents agree!), but I only have a short amount of space here. So I’ll just stick to those things that are hard to describe. Like that feeling you get when you arrive at camp and there is no phone, no Internet, no social media … you’re unplugged, free, and it is glorious. Or the way you relax as you step out into nature, breathe in the fresh Maine air, and know that you are going to spend hours outside in all that beauty. Or even the natural high that comes with stepping outside your comfort zone, taking a risk, and learning a new skill. There are so many benefits to spending a summer at a Maine camp … but the best ones are completely intangible.

  1. The Positive Impact That Lasts All Year Long

Camp is so fun in the summer! But what if I told you that the benefits of summer camp follow you all year? Because they do! Parents report that when kids come home from camp, they are more likely than usual to make their beds, set the table, and even try new foods! And beyond all the new skills they take home with them, campers go through the whole year with a new sense of confidence, independence, and connection with friends outside of their own school circles. Camp may be just several weeks in the summer, but its impact can be felt for years to come.

  1. THE FUN

Ok, by now we all know camp is an inspiring, positive experience. But beyond all that, it’s just SO MUCH FUN! Bonding with bunkmates, S’mores by the campfire, swimming, sailing, skiing, hiking, making music, making art, making friends, off-camp trips, overnights, and all in the beautiful backdrop of a Maine summer. Campers regularly get dressed up, get silly, and dance until they drop. They learn so much, but they have even more fun along the way.

What makes you thankful for summer camp? Tell us in the comments, and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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