20 Tips and To Do’s … Maine Camp is Coming!
May 21, 2019, by Jake
20 Tips and To Do’s … Maine Camp is Coming!
May 21, 2019, by Jake

By Laurie, the Campcierge™

Every day my daughter excitedly tells me how few days are left till she’s back at camp, and every day I realize how much I still have to do to get them ready for camp.  I know it’ll all happen (it’s not our first rodeo!) but I’ve gotta get it done.  Each camp varies slightly about what parents need to do, but here’s the general gist.

10 To Do’s …

  1. Fill out and submit medical forms. Register any medications with your camp’s medical program partner such as CampMeds
  2. Fill out and submit camper profile forms
  3. Pay final tuition
  4. Review camper activity sheets with your kid/s and submit options (if your camp does this prior to camp starting). This should include any specialty programming you may want for your child that your camp may offer such as equestrian, golf, extra tennis
  5. Order clothes from your camp outfitter like Amerasport or Camp Spot (remember, even if your camp isn’t a “uniform camp” you still need a few official camp T-shirts for out-of-camp trips)
  6. Make transportation plans to and from camp for your camper(s)
  7. Book baggage transport with your camp’s partner like Camp Trucking
  8. Make your Visiting Day weekend hotel and flights/rental car, if applicable
  9. Buy stamps and stationery and address a few envelopes home – especially for younger campers
  10. Shop, label and pack – camps strongly recommend that camp families try to stick to their recommended lists so campers have what they need for their activities and not to overdo it – remember, cubby space is limited.

10 Tips from a veteran camp mom:

  1. Take your trunks out of the attic/basement sooner rather than later to make sure they’re still good with working zippers and no major rips (if they’re not – you’ll still have time to replace)
  2. Label everything! And send your camper with extra stick on name labels
  3. Wash dark colored items (sheets, shirts) before they go to camp
  4. Stay hydrated! A couple water bottles are recommended.  This year, Hydro Flasks, among other types, are popular
  5. Equipment – make sure your camper has everything they need for the sports they’ll play which could include small items like a mouth guard for lacrosse and shin guards for soccer
  6. Crazy Creek chair – I’ve found that multi-color or darker color chairs are best for looking cleaner, longer
  7. Socks, socks, socks!
  8. Spirit gear – always fun to have a couple bandanas or socks or zinc in fun colors. And, if your camper doesn’t have the “right” color for a special activity or team, oftentimes campers can swap.  Great if you know a current camp family and can ask their camper if there are any special items that are good to bring
  9. Don’t waste time, money, or space on things campers can’t have. For example, one-piece bathing suits for girls are required at many camps (not bikinis).  Same goes for dressy clothing – Maine camps want campers to be casual and comfortably dressed – focused on their activities and not appearances
  10. Other “must haves” include: fans, flashlights, sunscreen, bug spray, toiletries (oh how my girls love the Harmon shopping!), and a few fun activities like beads and/or string for making bracelets, Mad Libs, a book or two, and little games like cards, jacks, and pick-up-sticks are good for Rest Hour

Now go forth and get packing.  Our kids can’t wait!  Camp time is almost here!!


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