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Alexandra said... Tweet Share
My favorite memory is from the summer of 2014. One of my best friends started using her things as "doctor supplies". She set up a sign up sheet for our bunk if we wanted a "check up". Next think you know our counselor is covered in blue sunscreen blotches!
Lori said... Tweet Share
My daughter is the third generation at a Maine camp. It all started with my Parents meeting at Camp Lown in Oakland, Maine over 57 years ago. And 42 years ago I started at Camp Naomi in Raymond, Maine where I had the best 11 summers of my life. My daughter, Jordan has been at Camp Micah in Bridgton, Maine for the past 3 summers and is looking forward to her 4th summer there. It is so wonderful to have her share the same memories of camp that her past generations have. Jordan considers Camp Micah her second home. She has learned so much at camp and every year she returns home more grownup. When my husband and I go on visiting day it is like we are visiting her home. We are greeted by the director and all of the staff with a hug. This is a family and we are welcomed into their home for the day and I never want to leave! One of the many aspects I like about Camp Micah is their quality staff. Not only do they believe in training their own campers to be staff but they have an executive staff team that is connected with your child. If needed they are always available for Parent’s conversation. Jordan is making lifelong friends. Her Grandparents and I are still in contact with our camp friends. I will never forget when I started at camp, a friend of my Parents said that I might meet my future husband at camp. I never did but you never know if Jordan might. (And that would be ok with me!)
Lori said... Tweet Share
I went to a Maine camp over 30 years ago. (Camp Naomi) I am still in touch with my camp friends. They are family to me. My parents also met at a Maine Camp. (Camp Lown) My daughter is going to Camp Micah for the whole summer this year after half a season last year. She feels the Camp Micah is her second family. The best gift I can give to my child is going to overnight Camp in Maine!
Linda said... Tweet Share
My 3 boys all attend Camp Micah and it is fantastic. When they come home they are like best friends with no arguing for 3 weeks and they continually talk of their camp memories and activities, even singing. Their favorite definitely is color wars and other all camp activities. The camp is one big happy family and they are able to be themselves and have fun, like they should!
Deb said... Tweet Share
Family visiting day--Walking through camp and looking over the lake--I mentioned to my son how lucky he was to see this view every day--beautiful evergreen trees, lining and reflecting on a crystal clear, calm lake with a mountain framing it all and my son said with a smirk of pride--yea I learned to water ski on that lake AND I climbed to the top of that mountain.....
Marci said... Tweet Share
My son won the "golden boot" award for hiking over the summer. He was so proud of himself, and I will never forget the amazing look on his face when he showed us the plaque on visiting day.
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