Watersports at Maine Camps
August 11, 2020, by MCE Blog Team
Watersports at Maine Camps
August 11, 2020, by MCE Blog Team

We can’t believe we’re already well into August! As we enjoy the beautiful summer weather and soak up the sun outside, we love to spend time in the water— by the beach, pool, or like we do in Maine, by the lake!

At Maine Camp Experience (MCE) some of our favorite camp activities revolve around water and water sports. Each summer, campers participate in fun activities on their camp’s lakes and ponds. Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, sailing, or waterskiing and wakeboarding, our campers love to spend time enjoying the water!

And, the best part of the many fun water activities that our campers participate in each summer is that they teach our campers new skills that they can take with them for life, even outside of camp! So much of camp is about learning new things, and our water sports are some of our favorite examples of this.  

MCE Blogger Ali, whose family has a place on a lake, learned all the basics about waterskiing at her Maine Camp. She attributes her love for waterskiing to her days at camp. She always thinks back fondly on the counselors who taught her everything from getting up on two skis one of her first summers to learning to cut on a slalom ski her final summer. She also attributes her ability to teach friends and family members to ski to her days on the waterfront as a waterski counselor.

And our Campcierge™ Laurie loves that her daughters learned sailing at camp. She shared how impressed she was when once on a family vacation, her older daughter pointed to sailboats that were docked at the beach and said, “Let’s go sailing.” Laurie said, “I don’t know how.” And her daughter said, “I do! I learned at camp! I’ll take you.” They then went sailing and had a fun and memorable experience together!

MCE Blogger Emma remembers the fun she had participating in small craft activities: “On a hot day, it was always tons of fun to take out a kayak, and to use our water sport skills to capsize and swim around in our life jackets! And, in my final summer at camp, we spent an afternoon sailing all the way across the lake to the ice cream shop on the other side. As we showed off our sailing skills, we chatted and enjoyed the beauty of our lake— and of course enjoyed the ice cream at the finish line!”

Water sports provide yet another example of the fun, and useful, skills our campers learn each summer at camp. No matter which MCE camp they’re spending their summer at in Maine, we know our campers will put their Maine lake tricks to work for years to come— and always have a reminder of the fun they had each summer in Maine!

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