Timely Tips & Tools –Maine Camps Checklist by Laurie, the Campcierge™
May 9, 2017, by Jake
Timely Tips & Tools –Maine Camps Checklist by Laurie, the Campcierge™
May 9, 2017, by Jake

Ready or not … camp is coming – and soon!  Though we’re busy with spring ball, dance recitals, and school commencements – here are a few things camp parents need to handle now to ensure a great Maine camp summer.

Shopping – Consult your camp’s packing list for the must haves for clothing and gear.  Important resources are camp outfitters such as Amerasport and The Camp Spot.

New for this year is Bunk Supplies & Beyond – an online shopping app to order toiletries and supplies.  The items are listed so families can simply click to add and check out.  Supplies arrive in a tote bag all ready to be placed in the trunks and they can even be labeled. Just order by May 24 to ensure that you receive your items before the trunks leave. Additionally, Maine Camp Experience families get 5% off purchase with the camp referral code “mce” and the discount code “mce2017” when prompted.  To download the app on cell phone or iPad,:

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bunksupplies/id1204810071?mt=8

Droid: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bunksupplies

Modell’s is another must for great gear.  Maine Camp Experience families get a discount online and in-stores through May 30, PLUS we’re doing a giveaway of over $1000 in gift cards.  Check out the MCE/Modell’s spring savings & giveaway.

Note: camps send their packing list and they do like parents to try to stick to it.  Campers are kept busy with daily programming and camps often provide accoutrements for special events, so directors try to discourage a ton of extra “stuff.”   When in doubt, it can be useful to ask a current camp parent for some guidance.

Trunks – Many Maine Camp Experience camps have families send their campers’ trunks through Camp Trucking.  If you received an email – don’t forget to make your arrangements for pick up.

Forms – Don’t forget to fill out and submit the important camper forms, which may include: medical forms, camper profile forms, and transportation arrangements, as well as make that final tuition payment.  Many camps also request activity selection forms for the first rotation.  Some forms are by mail; many are also online.  If your camp has an online management system such as Bunk1.com or CampMinder and you don’t already have an account, it’s very useful to register so you can read camp updates, view pictures from camp, email your camper, and more.

Visiting Day Arrangements – If you are planning to visit your camper during his/her session, now is the time to book hotels and rental cars if you haven’t already.   Here’s a list of some popular hotels near to the camps.

Stationery/letters – Now’s a good time to buy stationery and for campers (especially younger/first timers) – it’s great to preaddress a few home and to any other family or friends you’re hoping your child will write (my advice is to keep expectations low!).  It’s also useful to prepare and pack an address book.  Parents should also plan to send a couple letters before camp starts so campers receive mail from the start.

Pictures – Some kids like to have a few pics from home with them at camp.  You can either put them in a little album, or my kids like them loose so they can post with a little fun tack.

Maine Summer Camp Experiences 2017 … here we come!

Maine Camp Experience Resources & Tools

You can share your own Maine camps memories & expressions of gratitudeon our Memories of Camp section of our website.

Looking for the perfect Maine camp for your child?  Try out our helpful tool where you can select a camp by choosing: type of camp (girls, boys or coed) and session length (1-8 weeks).  It helps to narrow down a few camps to a manageable list that includes rates.  Then you can research these camps in more depth.  

Next, be sure to contact our Maine Camp Guide, Laurie to discuss these camps as well as for free, year-round advice and assistance on choosing a great Maine summer camp for your child.

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“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”

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