The Value of Maine Camp Counselors
February 4, 2020, by MCE Blog Team
The Value of Maine Camp Counselors
February 4, 2020, by MCE Blog Team

Having top-notch staff at Maine Camp Experience camps benefits both the Maine campers who thrive from the care and guidance from the counselors, and the counselors themselves who grow from the experience.

      When Maine camp alumna Emma thinks back on her time at her Maine Camp, she says: “One thing that always jumps in my mind is the counselors. I’ve never forgotten their names and faces, and though it has been years since my camp days, my memories with my old counselors are some of the ones I cherish most.” Emma realizes that her counselors were more than just people who facilitated the fun. They helped her build skills and were very influential role models to her. 

Ali, who worked at a Maine camp for four summers, values her times as a counselor as much as she does her time as a camper. During her time as a counselor, she learned how to a be leader, to work with others and to think on her feet. She thinks back fondly on a memory from her first summer: “I remember being on duty one night when a loud thunderstorm came in at around bedtime. My 10-year-old campers were scared, and many of them were coming to me for comfort. I knew it was up to me to keep all of them happy. So, we huddled together in the middle of the bunk and told funny stories until everyone was laughing and the storm passed. I, of course, knew that if I needed assistance the directors would have come to the bunk to help, but I was so happy to handle this situation on my own. This was a time that my campers always remembered as a highlight of that summer. And, a time that I was really proud of how I handled a situation.” To this day, Ali keeps in touch with her co-counselors and has visited many of them across the world!

Being a counselor at a Maine Camp is more than just a summer job— it gives you the opportunity to be a role model for campers of all ages, to create long-lasting friendships with other staffers from across the globe, and to join a camp family that sticks with you long after summer is over. It’s because of these relationships that counselors at Maine Camps return to camp summer after summer.

      The benefits of working at a Maine Camp are extensive: roundtrip transportation, meals and housing for the summer, plus a competitive salary and days off in the best state: Maine. Thus, all our Maine Camps boast about their staffs with skilled qualifications who are so happy to spend their summer in Maine. Counselors include teachers, instructors and mentors from across the world, and their personal experiences and expertise help shape the many activities our campers enjoy. The widespread diversity in Maine Camps’ staffs allows campers and counselors alike to form unique connections to places across the country and globe. After camp ends, these connections remain, as counselors and campers often end up keeping in touch and even visiting each other.

      One of the most distinct aspects of the Maine Camp Experience is that though campers are always central to our attention and goals, the value of a summer at a Maine Camp is immeasurable for more than just our campers. As our campers grow, so do our counselors— developing life skills and walking away from their experience with more confidence, interpersonal skills and leadership skills. The opportunity to spend a summer meeting new people, trying new things and exploring the state of Maine and the east coast, provides a unique chance to challenge yourself, while having so much fun. We encourage you to look into a summer in the beautiful Maine outdoors, creating lifelong bonds! If you or someone you know might be interested, submit your application at the link below.

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