Snowmageddon 2015: Five Summer Camp Cures for “Cabin Fever”
January 26, 2015, by Kristy
Snowmageddon 2015: Five Summer Camp Cures for “Cabin Fever”
January 26, 2015, by Kristy

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As I write this, the snow has gently started falling, and I’m told it will not stop until we are buried under feet and feet of historic snowfalls. Winter Storm Juno is on its way, and with all the time spent indoors, you may need more than food and water to survive. In Maine, we know a thing or two about snow, long winters, and the “cabin fever” that it brings. Undoubtedly, your kids are already beginning to irritate you with constant whines like, “There is NOTHING to do,” “I’m BORED,” and “It’s too COLD to go outside.” Winter can begin to feel like one, long endless stretch of white here in the Northeast, and with a major snowstorm on the way, things are only going to get worse before they get better.

Well, our Maine Camp Experience camp directors have the solution to your child’s (or your family’s) cabin fever. Think camp! Gather a group of camp friends, school friends, or just the family, and see how a “no good, miserable, boring” day can quickly turn into one of the most fun and memorable days of the winter.

So as this monster storm rages outside, get your camp fix inside. Here are our Top 5 summer camp-inspired ways to beat those winter blues and have some fun:

1. Get Cooking

There are two benefits to cooking with your kids – it keeps them occupied, and you have something delicious to eat when it’s done. Host your very own Chopped competition! Have a cupcake party with DIY decorations! Or if you really want to get into the camp spirit, make some s’mores by the fire!

2. Ultimate Game Show Night

What is better than one game? Five games! Taken from the show Hollywood Game Night, let groups of kids or teams compete in a series of games and challenges. Choose three to five games that kids enjoy and design a game night with one round of each game. The quick rounds and the changing games will keep kids focused and interested. Add a snack in between each round to keep everyone fueled up.

Great game options include:

  1. Trivia (Kids Trivial Pursuit)
  2. Pictionary
  3. Charades
  4. Scattergories
  5. Family Feud
  6. Jeopardy
  7. Wheel of Fortune
  8. Speed Puzzle

3. Put on a Show 

Whether your kids want to write scripts and put on a play, or use your phone to record a mini-movie, young imaginations are one of the best tools in the snowy-day toolkit. Our friends like to make tickets to give out to the adults in the audience (and of course remind them to silence all cell phones before the show). If you’re not up for something structured, just have a dance party! Crank up that music, turn down the lights, and DANCE.

4. Extreme Makeover Camp Edition

If there’s one thing summer camp teaches us, it’s how to dress up insane costumes. So let the kids dress you up!

Split kids into two different teams of at least three kids each. Gather a bag of old clothes, hats, shoes, and other accessories for each team. Include a pair of scissors, duct tape and some fabric markers for customizing. Assign each team an adult to dress up and have them pick a character from a hat (write slips of paper ahead of time with some age appropriate characters or actors for them to choose from). Split the teams up into two different rooms (so that they cannot see each other). Set a timer for an hour and let the teams get to work. At the end of the hour bring each group out and ask them to guess the character of the opposite team.

5. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Entertain a group large or small for hours with an Indoor Scavenger Hunt. Split the kids into multiple teams to add an element of competition.   There are a ton of online lists to pull from like this one or this one. Be sure to create a mix of easy to locate items as well as items that require them to be more creative or look further. You can plant some candy throughout the house as well to keep them motivated!

Tip: have something that you have been looking for everywhere but cannot find (an earring, keys, etc.)- add that to the list and make it worth bonus points! You might just kill two birds with one stone.

When the air is cold and the snow seems endless, think of camp! And if you have a favorite snowy day activity of your own, share it with us!

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