She’s Coming Home from Summer Camp: Anticipation!
August 12, 2014, by Kristy
She’s Coming Home from Summer Camp: Anticipation!
August 12, 2014, by Kristy

Blog post by Maine Camp Experience Guide, Laurie Kaiden

Wow, just a few days till Julia comes home from summer camp. I’m very excited to see her, yet I can’t believe it’s almost over! How did this happen so fast?

Since camp Visiting Day, it’s all gone so quickly. I was notified about when her trunks would be delivered and when she would return back home. We had our final phone call and I slacked a bit on writing letters.

I know she’s had a good time at summer camp. She lived in a cabin with girls she hadn’t known who she now calls her friends. She learned to waterski, participated in the musical, dressed up crazy at times, played intercamp sports games, enjoyed out-of-camp trips, and so much more.  I can’t wait to hear the details.

At camp right now, end-of-summer traditions are weighing deep. Color War is in full swing. The final camp fire will soon be lit as camp songs are sung and accomplishments are recognized. Directors will share heartfelt memories and inspiring words, and the last night feast will be had. Trunks will be packed, bunk decorations removed, addresses and emails exchanged, and many tears will be shed. Saying goodbye will feel surreal.

Back here at home … I haven’t done all I should with the boxes of the kids’ artwork, old toys, books, and clothes. I tried to balance time for work as well as leisure (though more tennis always would’ve been nice). The older we get, the faster time speeds by. This summer seems like the fastest one yet.

I’m curious to see how Julia will reacclimate, and how and if she’ll be different. Will she seem older? What has she learned? What will stick and what may lapse quickly back to old habits? Will she share details of her summer at once or will they gradually trickle out?

Although we still have a precious couple weeks of the summer season, the conclusion of camp signifies an end – to this chapter at least. Will Julia dream of camp during the long (hopefully not as cold and snowy) winter months? Will she long for the beauty of Maine and all the incredible experiences and adventures she shared with camp friends on the grounds, in the lake, and on trips and overnights?

I await this homecoming and all that it will bring.  I bet you’re feeling the same…


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