Rainy Day Essentials: Tools, Toys, and Togs to Weather the Weather at Camp
April 29, 2016, by Jake
Rainy Day Essentials: Tools, Toys, and Togs to Weather the Weather at Camp
April 29, 2016, by Jake

April is a month famous for its showers, but a rainy day in April (or during any other non-camp month) is nothing like a rainy day at camp. When you are a child with acres of land at your disposal and a constantly-filled schedule, a rainy day might provide some much-desired downtime. However, if you’re going to make the most of a rainy day at camp, it’s important that you come prepared. Below you’ll find must have items, and must have skills, to maximize rainy day fun during the summer.

The Charles River Jacket

The Charles River Jacket has been such a staple of my summers that I was legitimately shocked when I learned, well into my twenty-fourth year of life, that the Charles River Apparel clothing company is an actual business that produces items other than camp’s go-to rainy day jacket. Charles River Jackets are vital for every camper, and are so popular that “Charles River” has replaced “raincoat” in the camp vernacular.

These zip-up jackets are fleeced and hooded, and inevitably come in camp colors, so you can be sure that your camper will stay warm, dry, and stylish as they navigate the potential torrential downpours of June.

“Lightning” Quick Reflexes

Summer weather in Maine can be unpredictable, and sunshine can give way to storm in a matter of minutes. That’s why campers (and staff members) should be prepared to react immediately when they’re told a downpour is imminent. If a cloudburst clouds the forecast, campers will need to head for cover or risk a bit of a drenching. At many camps, campers will hang dry their towels and bathing suits on clotheslines outside of their bunks, so if the word gets out that a torrent is forthcoming, it’s time to show some hustle and clear those lines – I recommend the assembly line style of passing things from the line to the bunk – otherwise that towel will go from nearly dry to fully saturated in a matter of moments.

A Reliable 52

Once you’ve found your way into the bunk, it’s time to kill some time during the storm. A deck of cards makes the time fly by, especially if you and your bunkmates have a go-to game. I have spent countless rainy days with my personal favorite, “Presidents”, a game that is particularly camp-friendly due to the fact that it can accommodate anywhere from 4-10 players. Just make sure you keep all 52 cards – once one has been lost, the entire deck becomes a 51-piece testament to what might have been.

A Lawyer’s Persuasiveness

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I believe it is in everyone’s best interest to consider my client, The Emperor’s New Groove”.

Rainy days make great movie days, and sometimes campers will have a say in selecting what motion picture makes it to the big screen. While it is unlikely that current campers will be crusading for moderately well-received Disney movies that were released in the early 2000s, (if only they appreciated that wonderful era of filmmaking) perhaps they have a more current favorite that they would like to see. A penchant for persuasiveness means that their selection might very well be the choice on at least one rainy day during the summer.

Unless, of course, their counselors decide to avoid the drama and select a movie for them.

A Bit of Good Spirit

A rainy day at camp is as fun as you want it to be. Oftentimes camp staff will put together phenomenally fun events that are rainy-day specials, and these unique activities can outshine their sunny counterparts. Perhaps the rainy day schedule simply calls for movies and bunk games, but come dinnertime campers will have to trek through the rain (in their Charles River Jackets, of course) to make it to the mess hall. In any case, a good attitude will go a long way to ensuring that a little precipitation doesn’t precipitate a bad day. After all, a little moisture can mean a whole lot of fun.

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