Off To Camp: The Start of Another Maine Summer
June 9, 2016, by Jake
Off To Camp: The Start of Another Maine Summer
June 9, 2016, by Jake

Suddenly it’s summer again! Every year I go through a series of emotional phases, which will be familiar to any camp lover. Phase one comes during the months in the early fall when camp has just ended, and attention is turned to school or to work – and at this point camp is far enough on the horizon that it doesn’t even seem tangible. Then, there is phase two: the winter and spring months when the concrete plans of summer begin to take form and the upcoming camp season starts to feel real, but when the actual days of preparation and departure still lie months ahead. And then there is phase 3, which comes during the second week of June when suddenly I will be leaving next weekend and I experience an emotional cocktail: the giddiness of anticipation, the frenzy of last-minute preparation, and the curiosity as to what the upcoming summer has in store.

Guess which stage I’m in now?

It’s hard to describe what it feels like to know that another summer of camp is just days away. Now more than ever, I appreciate how lucky I am to be able to step away from the bustle of New York City where I live & work and spend two months amidst the beautiful pines of Maine. But the change that I look forward to isn’t just geographic – there is a psychological element to camp that is incredibly refreshing as well. Camp puts you in a different mindset.

This mindset is a direct result of the simple fact that camp is a positive place. No matter what your specific responsibilities are, as a counselor the goal is to create a nurturing, positive environment where children can grow to be their best selves. Wackiness is highly encouraged, and energy is an essential trait. Camp is a place that, at its core, encourages relationships, and spending a summer with the other members of a camp family is an indescribable experience. It’s no wonder that tears area shed during closing ceremonies.

This year, I’m filled with a particular excitement as I will be at a new camp this summer (or should I say, a camp that is new to me). Of course this excitement is mingling on nervousness – the unknown is always a little bit scary, just ask any first time camper. But the overarching feeling I have is simple eagerness – I can’t wait to dive into a summer of tradition and spirit, of friendship and fun, and I can’t wait to spend days on my feet and nights around a campfire.

The summer is such a unique season for “camp people” – it’s a world away from the everyday – and I truly will be cherishing every minute that I get to spend among the lakes and pines this year. It’s finally that time of year again – I can’t wait to wake up in Maine. How about you?

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