Modell’s Offers 5 Sports Tips and 15% Off to MCE Families!
September 4, 2015, by Kristy
Modell’s Offers 5 Sports Tips and 15% Off to MCE Families!
September 4, 2015, by Kristy

As a new school year gets underway, kids all over the country are headed back to schedules, teams, and regular sports practices. In honor of our favorite fall sports, our friends and partners over at Modell’s Sporting Goods are currently offering an exclusive 15% discount to Maine camp families online and in stores! Stock up on everything you need now through September 30 for the fall sports season.

To get us all in the sports mindset, Modell’s was also kind enough to share 5 Fall Sports Tips with us – so let’s play!

  1. Have the Proper Gear

Those precious little bodies need protecting! No matter their age, make sure your child has the proper helmets, body padding, and footgear for their sport. Even the right socks can help feet from sliding around in shoes while running the soccer field. Because even though sports are largely fun and games, the most important thing is their safety. And that’s where that 15% off can come in handy!

  1. Make Sure They Stay Hydrated!

In the summer months, it’s easy to tell when you’re thirsty. But as the weather cools and kids aren’t as sweaty, they sometimes forget to drink as much water as they should, so dehydration is a much bigger risk in the fall. Remind athletes to drink plenty of water, even if they don’t feel thirsty. And on the other side of that coin, make sure they don’t over-hydrate right before or after a sports activity – that can also be dangerous!

  1. Don’t Skip the Pre-Season Physical

Whether your school requires a physical exam or not, check ups for school-age children are vital, particularly if they are playing sports. These yearly check-ins can reveal injuries, pre-existing conditions, and give kids good reminders on keeping healthy during the season.

  1. Start Slow

Summer is so much fun, and even if it’s busy with amazing experiences (like camp!), we all tend to be off our regular schedules. So whether you’re getting back on the track, out on the field, or in the pool – remind kids to give themselves time – they won’t necessarily be where they left off physically last season! If athletes push too hard before their bodies are ready, they can get injured, or at the very least be miserable. So take it slow, and you will come back faster than you think.

  1. Focus on Healthy Foods as Fuel

Having practice right after school makes for a long day. Make sure young athletes are getting well-balanced lunches, followed by a healthy afternoon snack to fuel them up for practice. After practice, a light, nutritious meal will get them through until tomorrow. Without the proper fuel and rest, they won’t be getting very far off the bench!

What is the one thing you try to keep in mind for you or your athlete come fall? Share your tips with us!

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