Maine Summer Camp Reunions: Reconnecting & Creating New Memories
November 10, 2014, by Lea Kone
Maine Summer Camp Reunions: Reconnecting & Creating New Memories
November 10, 2014, by Lea Kone

Ask any Maine camper what they are looking forward to most in the coming months and they are sure to reply “REUNION!” Yes, even more than Thanksgiving food and more than Christmas or Hanukkah gifts, campers want to see their camp friends. The school year can feel like one long road to camp, with campers often counting down the days between camp ending one summer, and camp beginning the next. Reunions are a great way to help campers reflect on the summer past and help fuel their excitement for the coming summer.  Whether it’s an official camp reunion or more informal meet up, play date or sleepover, these get-togethers help campers to continue to build friendships.

When campers and staff get to reconnect in the middle of the winter, it brings the camp community back together for a few short hours. This time together brings the memories and special moments shared in Maine each summer flooding back.” (Mark Lipof, Director-Camp Micah)

Camp reunion season unofficially kicks off around the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Many of our 33 summer camps host winter reunions in New York City, Boston, South Florida and other locations worldwide.  Often camps rent out roller skating rinks, bowling alleys or other entertainment spaces for the camp community to come together, reminisce, and have fun. Some camps have added in social action opportunities into their events as well, for example, collecting sneakers for Max Cure Foundation’s “Dunk Your Kicks” program. But no matter the activity featured at a reunion- the main event is always FRIENDSHIP. Laughter, excited screams and tears of joy flow from campers as there are reunited with their best friends in the world.

It also allows the parents to connect with their children’s camp friends. It allows directors to spend quality time with our campers and their parents. Share stories about the past season and discuss the new happenings for next summer. It’s always a bonus when staff attend our reunions. Some travel from as far away as Great Britain and Australia!” (Ephram Caflun, Director-Camp Wekeela)

Having a camp reunion isn’t limited to just formal reunions hosted by the camp.  Other mini-reunions, meet-ups and sleepovers happen during other points in the year, and in areas where not as many campers live. Staff have reunions too. Gather two or more camp friends together ANYWHERE and it’s a camp reunion.

My friends and I are living proof of keeping the tradition of reunions alive. Now in our twenties, we’ve traveled all over the world to see one another. We took weekend trips to each other’s college campuses. Friends coordinated with one another while studying abroad during college, traveling to Prague, Barcelona, Dublin, etc. just to see each other. We went on Birthright together. Although we are no longer eligible to attend our camps annual reunion, we make a conscious effort to create our own.” (Chelsea, Maine Camps Alumnus & Blogger)

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