Intercamp Sports at Maine Camps
July 20, 2022, by MCE Blog Team
Intercamp Sports at Maine Camps
July 20, 2022, by MCE Blog Team

Maine Camps offer a plethora of sports, from A to Z: Archery, Basketball, Canoeing, Dance, Equestrian, Flag Football and Golf … the list goes on and on.  Although some campers are like pros at a few, or even many, sports before they arrive at camp, others may be inexperienced and will be encouraged to try any sport at camp that strikes their fancy. In addition to all the sports kids can play with and against their friends at their own camps, campers at many Maine Camps also have the opportunity to play against campers from other Maine Camps. 

Sports are a great way for campers to immerse themselves in intercamp activities, no matter what level they are able to participate at. While a number of camps have competitive teams that require try-outs, those same camps may offer additional teams allowing campers of any level to participate. Some camps allow all campers to sign up for intercamp competition, even if they are new to the sport or have never played at all. It’s a unique opportunity to try something new. There’s no commitment here – no worry about making it to practice every day after school, no challenge of fitting it all in while juggling homework; it’s just a chance to get out there and play a sport, only for the fun of it!

In fact, there are so many choices that on occasion, a camper may be faced with the dilemma of having to opt for one sporting competition over another on a given day. The child who has spent years on the tennis courts might have discovered sailing this summer and now, may be pondering whether to participate in a regatta or enter a tennis tournament. What a fabulous problem to have!  

There are numerous benefits to participating in intercamp activities. The most obvious draw is the opportunity for campers to play at a competitive level in a sport they enjoy. Having honed their athletic skills during the year and since their June arrival, it’s time for campers to put all that hard work into practice. There are trophies to bring home, bragging rights to be won, and the thrill of the win itself, especially after a hard-fought victory. There are invitational tennis tournaments, swim meets, games in almost any sport you can imagine, horseback riding events and more. Some competition will involve only one camp against one other, and other competitive events will see busloads of kids from several camps arrive, ready to get their game on at a tournament. Often, campers wear team jerseys, either purchased during the winter or provided once they arrive at the start of summer. Some campers have nicknames or special numbers on their jersey of their own choosing, adding an individual element to the camp’s team uniform. Whether a camp requires a daily uniform or not, team uniforms unite campers in a whole new way.

Aside from the obvious athletic reasons to participate in intercamp activities, there are other benefits as well. Campers on the “home team” are proud to show off their own camp to their visitors. Like having a friend over at one’s house, it’s fun to be the host. Some kids and teens appreciate a change of scenery and traveling to another camp provides just that. It’s interesting to see what other camps look like and sound like and learn about differing camp traditions and practices. Campers often see friends they know from home or other places when they travel outside of their own camp, and some make new friends on the field, the courts, or the lake that day. On occasion, visiting campers are offered snacks or even invited to stay for a meal. Kids love tasting the different foods that they might not have at their own camp or, they may return later that day happy to be offered their own familiar camp cuisine. 

When the rivalry of the day has concluded, whether there has been a win or a loss, there’s a bus ride back to familiar surroundings. There may be a stop for some special treats on the way, the ride may be filled with camp songs and cheers, but always, above all, there will be team camaraderie. When the bus pulls off the road and into the camp parking lot, the campers are happy to be back “home” with their teammates and friends after a fun-filled time.  

And finally, at line-up, or dinner, or that night’s evening activity, intercamp results may be reported to everyone. The cheers that erupt upon the announcement of a team win, or a personal victory or accomplishment, fill the air with excitement and our Maine campers with pride.  

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