Getting Your Thrills at Maine Camps
October 3, 2017, by Jake
Getting Your Thrills at Maine Camps
October 3, 2017, by Jake

There’s nothing like a jolt of adrenaline to really help campers feel alive, and at Maine Camp Experience (MCE) camps, campers have ample opportunity to experience thrills throughout the summer. Of course, the regular program is always designed to excite campers – however, certain activities, events, and opportunities lend themselves particularly well to those campers seeking an adrenaline rush. And for many campers, the thrill lies in overcoming their hesitation and participating in these exciting activities even if they seem daunting at first! And of course, at MCE camps, campers have the opportunity to experience these thrills while under the safety of professional supervision. So where do campers get their thrills at MCE camps?

One of the most exciting areas at many MCE camps is the waterfront, where waterskiing is oftentimes a staple activity that allows campers to feel the wind whipping through their hair. Once campers start developing a mastery in this area, they can progress from just getting up on skis to slalom skiing and trick-skiing. For campers who want a different challenge, many camps also offer wakeboarding and/or kneeboarding as an option. Of course, MCE ski instructors are top notch, and as a result they are able to blend skill instruction with the inherent fun of the activity. And of course – even for those who aren’t skiiers, wakeboarders, or kneeboarders – tubing and banana boating offer exciting opportunities for campers to experience the thrill of whipping through the water, sometimes with a friend.

Of course, not all of the thrills at MCE camps are confined to the water, and the outdoor programs at many camps are perfect for adventure seekers. Activities like mountain biking and horseback riding allow campers to experience the thrills of outdoor adventure within a camp setting. And many camps have impressive rock climbing walls and challenging rope courses for those who choose to participate in this thrill-seeking. The high-ropes course is another favorite of campers who love to experience an adrenaline boost, and perhaps the most notably “thrilling” activity that some MCE camps offer is a zip-line  that allows campers to speed through the air harnessed to a wire. At one MCE camp, they have even built an American Ninja Warrior course for campers who want to experience the thrill of testing their skills and completing the course as quickly as possible.

Finally, there is also an energy and adrenaline that surrounds special events at camp, like trips and breakouts. Many of the thrilling adventure activities at camp are taken to the next level on out-of-camp trips that take advantage of Maine’s natural beauty and outdoor offerings. Campers at MCE camps may go on whitewater rafting trips down the Androscoggin River, or hiking trips to the top of Mount Katahdin. Mountain biking trips are also oftentimes available to campers who have demonstrated the ability to handle more difficult terrain. And of course, while it may not be an activity, the Color War surprise breakouts that occur at some MCE camps are a surefire way to send a jolt of energy throughout the entire camp community.

If you are an adventure seeker, then MCE camps have the opportunities for you. Whether you’re feeling the wind whipping through your hair on the water, hurling down the zip-line, or just finding out about Color War break – opportunities for adrenaline abound at camp in Maine. So for all the adventure- seekers, mark your calendars – the thrill of a summer in Maine will be here before you know it.

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