Dressed to Impress: Creative Costumes at Maine Camps
October 31, 2017, by Jake
Dressed to Impress: Creative Costumes at Maine Camps
October 31, 2017, by Jake

There’s nothing like seeing the creative costumes that kids put together on Halloween each year. But while today may be the most widely-embraced “dress-up” day in the country, for Maine Camp Experience (MCE) campers, it’s just one more opportunity to put on a costume and have a good time. A summer spent at camp is full of opportunities for kids to wear costumes – whether it’s a camp carnival or other special event, a zany evening activity, or an opportunity to wear red, white & blue on Independence Day. There are always several days each summer where kids are encouraged to step outside the bounds of their usual camp wardrobe.

Oftentimes, camp costumes err on the silly side. I have seen campers paired together in a horse costume and campers dressed as boy-bands, greasers, and life guards. I have seen campers dressed as counselors (and counselors dressed as campers), and it wouldn’t be a summer at camp if someone didn’t don a fully neon outfit complete with tutu. I always leave several costume pieces at camp during the “off-season” – items that are perfect for camp but far too ridiculous for adult life. For example, I leave an extremely lifelike set of dreadlocks made from wool roving, a Superman onesie (complete with cape), and my American flag sunglasses, tank top, and bucket hat to wear on the 4th of July.

These opportunities to wear costumes at camp have many benefits. They help kids exercise creativity – oftentimes, costumes at camp are made out of whatever is on hand, and kids at camp quickly learn to be resourceful when putting together costume ideas. Oftentimes, certain cabins or age groups will be given “themes” and will work together to costume themselves or their counselors. This kind of exercise – which is incredibly fun for the kids – also teaches them how to collaborate on creative projects, a skill that will be useful throughout their lives.

Also, the fact that these costumes are silly is hugely beneficial in and of itself. Silly costumes promote camp unity and build confidence – and they let campers act like the kids they are. They feel free to dress and act ridiculously – and not only that, they get to do it with their cabin-mates, camp sisters/brothers, and best friends. Camp costume days at Maine Camps also promote an atmosphere that is accepting and judgment free.

Halloween is always one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year, especially for those creative costume connoisseurs who hone their skills at MCE camps. The way MCE camps provide kids with such incredible opportunities to dress up – and the way they approach these events to campers’ benefits – is just one more reason why there’s no better place to spend a summer than Maine.

And as for tonight? Happy Halloween – it’s a great rehearsal for the summer ahead!

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