Celebrating National Chocolate Chip Day with Maine Camps!
May 15, 2018, by Jake
Celebrating National Chocolate Chip Day with Maine Camps!
May 15, 2018, by Jake


Sometimes big things come in small packages – and that’s absolutely the case when it comes to chocolate chips! Today is National Chocolate Chip Day, and as you can imagine, Maine Camp Experience (MCE) camps put these tasty treats to great use in a myriad of different ways throughout the summer. From classic cookies to delicious pancakes, these chocolate chips make every MCE summer sweet!

We’ve included some of our favorite MCE chocolate chip traditions below, as well as a great chocolate chip recipe you can try for yourself!



There are certain things our campers look forward to every week at camp. And, on Friday mornings, it’s chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast! Our kitchen staff arrive as early as 5am to prepare from scratch the lightest and fluffiest chocolate chip pancakes our campers have ever eaten.

So why are these treats so popular? Is it because we’ve been using the same recipe for 60 plus years? Or could it be that everything tastes better off the griddle? Or does it have more to do with the fact that our camp has consistently been serving chocolate chip pancakes on Friday mornings for as long as we can remember – when alumni come to visit they always talk about those pancakes!

We feel it’s a combination of these interrelated ideas that have been passed down from one camp generation to the next. In fact, this summer, we have our first 4th generation camper attending camp who is already anxiously awaiting her first bite of her first chocolate chip pancake, which has been described by her mom and grandmother in great detail! Now, that’s what makes camp so special!



At camp, we have milk and cookies almost every night! The younger campers line up on our “cookie porch” with their camp sisters, and stand in line to await their treat – and while there are generally multiple flavors offered, chocolate chip is always a favorite! Each night, the staff in charge of manning the cookies select one “bonus cookie,” and when a lucky camper happens to select this treat, they are celebrated with flashing lights and loud “whoops” – and they then get to pick an extra cookie!




Chocolate chip pancakes are an integral part of our 4th our July tradition/celebration. 

 Every 4th of July breakfast the dining hall is decorated with red and blue balloons, streamers, etc., everyone comes to breakfast dressed in red, white and blue, and we always serve chocolate. chip pancakes along with strawberry sauce (red), whipped cream (white) and blueberry sauce (blue).   Always a big hit!



Our chocolate chip cookies are the favorite lunch time dessert, campers and staff always say that they taste so much better at camp. On the last day of camp at breakfast, Chef serves those favorite Chocolate Chip cookies. ”This is right before all the campers return home, and certainly makes saying goodbye bittersweet!



All I can say is chocolate chip pancakes are a favorite as are Chipwiches for dessert at cook out!




And here’s an easy MCE Chocolate Chip Recipe to enjoy with the family!
Campfire Chocolate Chip Banana Boats:

  1. Slice a banana down the middle
  2. Fill the slice with tiny marshmallows and chocolate chips
  3. Wrap the stuffed banana in tin foil
  4. Throw it on the coals (or in the oven) for a few minutes
  5. Enjoy with a spoon!


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