Bringing Maine Camp Experiences to the New School Year
September 6, 2022, by MCE Blog Team
Bringing Maine Camp Experiences to the New School Year
September 6, 2022, by MCE Blog Team

Back to life, back to reality … our Maine campers hail from many places and for all of them, it’s back to school time! There are so many benefits from summer camp that return home with our kids that they bring into the new school year. From physical changes to social and emotional development, our campers have grown in lots of ways. 

Taking a break from the classroom is one of the best parts of camp. After a month or two of learning and playing outside, kids are re-energized from time spent outside in the fresh air. They have pursued interests they may not have time for during the school year, and felt a sense of freedom not usually enjoyed outside of camp. Maine campers are recharged and ready to go!

Our first-time campers made lots of new friends this summer.  Our veteran campers may have made new ones as well, and enjoyed spending time with the friends they made years ago.  They have learned to navigate the benefits and challenges of friendships in different ways. Living together, eating together, even cleaning together, all while unplugging and spending quality time with friends without the distraction of their screens improves social skills and comfort with new types of social situations.  

Our kids have also become more independent over the summer. They have learned how to navigate any issues that may have arisen at camp all on their own and advocate for themselves without mom or dad. Therefore, when our campers head into their classrooms this fall, they will be ready to face their peers, teachers and coaches with confidence, enthusiasm and excitement.

When it comes to sports, camp provides unique opportunities to try new ones, and to improve or excel in sports that campers already play. Our campers approach fall sports and beyond with improved skills and improved determination. Boys and girls heading out onto the soccer or field hockey fields, the tennis courts or the track will be ready for team tryouts with renewed enthusiasm and athletic prowess. Many Maine campers have spent the summer competing within their own camp, at intercamp games and invitational tournaments. The level of competition varies but is always challenging and serves our athletes well when they return home. How exciting for someone to be selected for a school team for the first time because they worked so hard at camp over the summer! Beyond traditional athletic teams, campers who have worked hard at dance, gymnastics and other physical activities reap the benefits of their efforts when they return home.

Campers who participated in theatre arts or musical programs at camp, some for the very first time, are ready to audition for productions at school or assist with set design. Those who honed their photography skills often join the yearbook committee, or their school newspaper. Those who learned new culinary skills may be more adventurous with their school lunches. Musical and academic lessons are offered at many camps, providing continuity for those who desire it throughout the summer.  Those campers return to school ready for concerts, recitals and their general studies. 

Maine Camp activities and community build confidence in our campers that may inspire campers to take on new challenges like running for student government, joining the debate team, or learning a new foreign language. Participating in social action initiatives at camp like World of Change may give campers a greater world view and encourage them to participate in or start philanthropy activities during the school year. And, learning about nature and conservation at Maine Camps may inspire campers to join or start environmental programs at school. 

Summer camp in Maine provides consistency for those who wish to work on skills or talents year-round, and fresh opportunities for those seeking new challenges. No matter what our campers chose to concentrate on this summer, they are ready to start the 2022 school year: ready to take chances, show off their new and improved expertise, and be the best that they can be.

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