A Summer Camp Guide to Winter Storm Weekends
January 22, 2016, by Kristy
A Summer Camp Guide to Winter Storm Weekends
January 22, 2016, by Kristy

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Ok, guys, you know the drill:

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Whether this weekend’s storm is truly historic, or just a dusting, nobody needs an excuse to hole up on a winter weekend and have some summer camp fun. That’s why I now present to you the Official Maine Camp Experience Summer Camp Guide to Weekend Winter Storms (And Snow Days In General).

Break out the Summer Camp games

Use the time indoors to brush up on some games that will surely be played in bunks across Maine this summer. Play the classic card game (and one of my all-time favorites) Spit. If you can’t remember the rules, find them here! Or practice your Jacks!

Watch A Classic Summer Camp Movie

There are a lot of options for movies about summer camp, or that take place at a summer camp, both for the kids and the adults. If the kids are still up, try either of The Parent Trap Movies (the original with Hayley Mills or the update with a fresh-faced Lindsay Lohan), Addams Family Values, or Meatballs. If it’s just the grownups, I recommend Wet Hot American Summer (first the movie, then the hilarious prequel series on Netflix, all created by #MaineCamps alum David Wain), Moonrise Kingdom, or Camp.

Read A Summer Camp-Themed Book

Again, lots of great stuff to choose from, but here are some of our favorites. First, for the kids:

And for the older kids:

And these great books, that contain certain themes and references that may be better suited for teens and adults:

  • The Thread by Jane L. Rosen – Jane has fond memories of her three daughters’ years at Maine Camp Experience camps
  • Enchanted August by Brenda Bowen – this one isn’t about camp, but is set in a summer in Maine, which is a pretty close second!

Get Out Those Summer Camp Memories

There are so many ways to get in the summer camp mindset, even when snowed in (or wishing you were snowed in). Look at pictures of past summers, sing your favorite summer camp songs, do Mad Libs, make a lanyard (because why not?), or recreate your favorite summer camp skits in the living room. Or call your camp friends! There are no wrong answers, and there is no way you won’t have fun.


No matter where you are or how much snow you get (or don’t get), buy some marshmallows at the store! Whether you have a fireplace or a grill, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores inside feels crazy fun, and like you have a little bit of camp right in your home. Turn the lights off and tell scary stories around the fire while you eat your s’mores!

Regardless of what happens this weekend, may you stay safe and have lots of fun. Let us know how you weathered the storm next week!

Happy Winter! (finally)

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