A Look Back at Some of Our Maine Summer Camp Reunions
January 6, 2016, by Kristy
A Look Back at Some of Our Maine Summer Camp Reunions
January 6, 2016, by Kristy

Happy New Year everyone! We start 2016 with less than 200 days until summer camp, and we are already psyched. As we look forward to a summer filled with crystal clear Maine lakes, hikes in lush green forests, s’mores by the campfire, and totally unplugging, I thought we’d also take a look back. Because the friendships and bonds forged at camp are so strong, summer camp reunions are popular, and take a variety of forms. Campers come together in small groups throughout the year, but the camps themselves often put together more formal gatherings in the winter.

Back in November, Camp Vega gathered over 250 campers, staff, and family members for a reunion in New York City. In addition to a fun day of reconnecting and reminiscing, everyone in attendance got a chance to see the camp’s 2015 Video Yearbook on the big screen. Even if you didn’t attend, you should watch – it is so awesome, inspiring, and really captures the magic that is summer camp in Maine.

Camp Caribou had their reunion on December 8th at the enormous House of Sports facility in Ardsley, NY. What a fantastic place to come together and celebrate a summer together in winter! Even an unseasonably warm winter! Camp Wekeela looks forward to their reunion this Saturday in New York City, and Camp Modin already has their 2016 reunion on the books – they usually have over 400 people join them!

In addition to the yearly get-togethers, Maine summer camps often hold big anniversary bashes to celebrate camp milestones. This past August, Camp Matoaka held their 65th summer camp reunion up in Maine. Former bunkmates and counselors were all campers together for the weekend, taking part in classic camp activities like waterskiing, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, and archery. This coming summer, Camp Manitou will do something similar for their 70th Anniversary!

Some campers make a reunion out of the reunion! I stumbled across this Trip Advisor review of the Lambs Mill Inn in Naples, Maine. Before praising their wonderful experience at Lambs Mill, the reviewer opened with “7 of my wonderful camp friends decided to pre-party prior to our Camp Fernwood’s 95th reunion at camp.” What a great idea! And check out the owner’s response:

Nancy, thank you so much for your kind words about Lambs Mill Inn … Your group was especially fun to have staying here and I loved the song you all wrote and sang to me. Look forward to a return visit from all of you.

They wrote her a song! It doesn’t get more camp than that!

Remember, summer camp reunions can happen anytime, any place. They can be a small gathering at someone’s house, a trip back to Maine, or even a Google Hangout with your bunkmates. The amazing thing is that though camp happens only once a summer, the friendships and bonds that are created last a lifetime.

What was the last time you got together with your camp friends?

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