A Day Made for Maine Camps: It’s National Lobster Day & National Cooking Day!
September 25, 2018, by Jake
A Day Made for Maine Camps: It’s National Lobster Day & National Cooking Day!
September 25, 2018, by Jake

Today is a day made for Maine Camps – it’s National Cooking Day and National Lobster Day! With incredible programming and exciting activities, century-old traditions, and nurturing environments, there are many incredible advantages to choosing a Maine Camp Experience (MCE) camp. But for some campers – even when they’re surrounded by their best friends participating in their favorite activities – their favorite part of camp might be the amazing food!

MCE camps employ top-notch chefs who work hard to ensure that campers are never hungry. While “camp food” might make you think of mystery meat served sloshed onto a tray by a scary lady in a hairnet, the truth is that MCE camps have really gourmet experiences for those foodies at camp. Of course, MCE camps still serve old favorites – hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, and sloppy joes may all find their way onto the menu throughout the summer. However, even these foods are prepared with care and taste in mind – and at most MCE camps campers can also choose from a plethora of other options from the salad or deli bars, and camps can accommodate campers who may have allergies or food restrictions with tasty alternative options.

Of course, at MCE camps cooking isn’t just for the chefs – many Maine camps boast first-class cooking programs with high-end facilities where campers can learn what it’s really like to put food on the table. From baking famous cookies, to firing up the grill, to making hand-rolled sushi – Maine campers have the opportunity to learn how to cook gourmet meals, and to taste the fruits (and vegetables!) of their hard work.

The great food in Maine isn’t limited to camps of course, and one major perk of attending camp in Maine is the great access it provides to top-quality food in the surrounding area. Whether you’re a camper on an out-of-camp trip, or a parent spending Visiting Day weekend in Portland, there are no shortage of delicious options for any palette – I may live in New York City, but some of my favorite barbecue can be found in Bridgton! However, if there’s one item that really captures the essence of fresh Maine food, it would have to be that scrumptious crustacean – Maine lobster!

Whether you’re looking for a nice dinner in Old Port or a “hole in the wall” or lobster pound somewhere by the coast – or even looking to grab a quick bite at a local carnival – chances are you can find a fresh lobster dinner or lobster roll that will have you salivating. Of course, lobster isn’t only available for parents making a quick visit or campers on out-of-camp trips – camps will oftentimes include lobster on the menu for special occasions, namely the end-of-camp banquet. And while diving into a lobster may be messy, it’s nothing like a bib and a little perseverance can’t handle.

So in honor of National Cooking Day and National Lobster Day – and in the spirit of camp in Maine – we hope you treat yourself to something delicious today!

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