5 Ways Maine Campers Grow in Week 1
June 28, 2022, by MCE Blog Team
5 Ways Maine Campers Grow in Week 1
June 28, 2022, by MCE Blog Team

Maine campers have arrived and are settling in for what may likely be some of their best and most meaningful times. While we’re only a few days in, campers are already having fun and reaping the lifelong benefits. Here are five things your child is experiencing in week 1 of camp:

  1. Independence – while many children have slept out a night or two at a friend’s house or even had a longer stay with Grandma and Grandpa, camp is likely the place that children are away from their parents for a more extended time. And, while they’re not all alone on their own (there are plenty of counselors and directors for supervision and guidance), being at overnight camp is a pretty big and exciting growth opportunity. Campers immediately begin to learn the camp layout and schedule, keep their own stuff and the cabin organized, manage their personal care like getting dressed and showered each day, and have fun with new friends at great activities! Independence builds confidence – two great life skills.
  2. Meeting people from all over – Maine Camps welcome over 20,000 campers each summer who come from every US state and more than 30 countries abroad. This geographic diversity applies to staff, too. So … it’s pretty cool that while your camper likely has several new camp friends and counselors from their home state or nearby, they’re also meeting people from far and away. It’s fun to hear about different cultures, food, accents, words, games, stories, and more that are particular to different regions. It’s great for campers to expand their horizons. It also makes traveling after camp fun when your camper will often find camp friends many places they go!
  3. Trying new foods – campers may be used to the dishes they usually eat at home that are cooked by parents or from their local restaurants. It’s exciting and beneficial to change it up and have a whole new menu of foods to try. Meals at Maine Camps fortify campers who are active throughout the day with many options including good veggies, proteins (and of course, a few fun sweets too!). Even with picky eaters, we see that curiosity and good “peer pressure” often kicks in. When kids see their camp friends eating different foods, they may try too. 
  4. Diving in – camp is definitely not a spectator sport! It’s the time and place for campers to spread their wings, get involved, and try many things. We see even shy campers begin to come out of their shells as they meet new people, try fun activities, and learn and participate in fun camp songs and traditions. Days are fun and busy. In just a day or two, a camper may play tennis and lacrosse, ride a horse, take a hike, ride a bike, sail a boat, climb a rock wall, cook a meal, paint a picture, and play a song in the talent show.  It’s quite unbelievable sometimes to imagine all that goes on at a camp in a single day with hundreds of campers playing, learning, growing, and thriving!
  5. Appreciating nature – there is nothing like going to camp in Maine! Off TV, tech devices, video games, and social media, Maine campers spend a ton of time being active in the beautiful outdoors. Campers enjoy fresh air and beautiful views as they’re surrounded by vast lakes and fields. Every Maine Camp Experience member camp is set on a beautiful lake, so campers have the opportunity for daily waterfront activity. Time at the lake includes learning to sail and waterski, enjoying kayaking, canoeing, swimming, paddle boarding, and more! And, there are many active land adventures ranging from ropes courses to rock walls to hiking and camping opportunities. Most sports are outside and even many arts and STEM opportunities take place outside too. Beautiful Maine (aka “Vacationland”) will become your camper’s home away from home, and a place they can return to for many years beyond.

So, while change may be strange for campers who are used to their routines at home, they will quickly acclimate to life at camp in Maine. Lucky campers! We can’t wait to see all that this summer has in store! 

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