14 Things We LOVE about Maine Camps
February 11, 2020, by MCE Blog Team
14 Things We LOVE about Maine Camps
February 11, 2020, by MCE Blog Team

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we can’t help but be filled with love for our Maine Camps, and all the summer fun that they bring. To celebrate, we compiled a list of the 14 things we love most about camp in Maine!


  1. Unplugging
    In today’s day and age, we are all tied to technology. It feels almost impossible to disconnect. From online schoolwork to social media and beyond, technology is a part of everybody’s everyday lives— including kids. Camp is the perfect opportunity to completely unplug and spend the summer enjoying the beauty, freedom and fun of the outdoors. It’s also a wonderful time in life for children to learn to connect with each other and adults without the interruption of screens.
  2.  Traditions
    One of the most special parts of our Maine Camps is the unique traditions they offer. MCE blogger Emma says: “The traditions at my Maine Camp will forever be one of the most special aspects of camp, to me. Throughout the summer, the traditions at my Maine camp linked me to campers before me, and reminded me of how unique camp is. From Color War to campfires, to songs sung year after year, traditions link campers and counselors of all ages, and foster a bond that lasts long after camp is done.”
  3. Meals
    We, of course, love the yummy food at camp— from cookouts to toasting marshmallows— when we think of meals, we think of the special opportunity to come together as a community three times a day. At camp, meals are a chance to check in with bunkmates, camp sisters, counselors, and friends. Sitting for meals all together establishes the family-like bond that we love so much.
  4. The Smell
    It might sound strange, but when MCE blogger Emma thinks about her favorite parts of camp, the classic Maine scents of pine trees and fresh air immediately come to mind. This scent exemplifies the beautiful outdoors at all of our Maine Camps. We rarely get the chance to spend so much time in nature, particularly in a place as special as Maine.
  5. Camp Routine
    Different from the school year, the camp routine is a nice break from classroom learning, carpooling, and homework. From day 1 at camp, MCE campers establish a daily schedule that features a great mix of activities, enrichment, downtime and fun!
  6. Packed Days
    When Emma thinks back on camp, she says, “Over the course of one day at camp, I felt like I fit a week’s worth of activities in! The days are packed with fun, and not a second goes to waste. But, of course, although the days are long at our Maine Camps, the weeks FLY by. Time is another species in Maine!”
  7. Activities
    Activities like waterskiing, working in the Silver Shop, sailing and more are one of our favorite things about camp. Camp provides great instruction and the opportunity to learn unique activities that kids might not otherwise get to experience!
  8. The Relationships
    From bunkmates, to camp sisters/brothers, to counselors, the bonds you make at camp are unlike any other. After spending a summer in such a special place together, the relationships formed at camp are uniquely strong and special, and last long after summer is over. To this day, MCE blogger Emma still talks to her camp friends on an almost daily basis and sees them multiple times a year. Camp bonds never break!
  9. Counselors/staff!
    One of the best parts of our Maine Camps is the staff. All our staffs and counselors want to spend their summers in Maine. They are upbeat, fun, and caring leaders for our campers. MCE Staff members are qualified role models and make lasting impressions on each and every camper.
  10. The Silliness
    There’s no one who understands belly laughs quite like camp friends. A day without laughter simply doesn’t exist at camp!
  11. Casual Clothes
    Whether your Maine Camp requires you wear a uniform, or not – each camper at Maine Camps gets to wake up every day and throw on shorts, a t-shirt, and comfy shoes. There’s no competition for who owns the best clothes. It’s all about whether or not you’re wearing a smile that day!
  12. The Cabins
    There’s no place like home. At the end of each day, each camper gets to climb into their cozy bed in their cabin. Although “real home” is great, many of our campers wait all year to return to their “summer home.”
  13. Maine!
    Our MCE Camps are lucky enough to be in the beautiful state of Maine, and our camps take advantage of this! From trips to Bar Harbor or Acadia National Park, to hikes up Mt. Katahdin, to swimming in Maine’s beautiful lakes or eating Maine’s famous Moose Tracks ice cream, there is no better place to spend a summer.
  14. The Feeling
    Although this one may be the hardest to put into words, it’s by far the most important. There’s a special feeling about waking up at a Maine summer camp. Anyone who’s been can close their eyes and feel that warm and wonderful feeling of being at camp. It’s unbeatable. And, we LOVE it.

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