Hidden Valley Camp
Renowned for its unique programs in the Arts and Outdoors, Hidden Valley Camp has roots in the tradition of progressive children’s communities. Building on this rich history, our commitment to quality and professionalism supports children as they create and explore under the careful supervision of HVC’s teachers and counselors. • HVC Facts… Hidden Valley is coed, ages 8-14… Finest in Arts and Outdoor programs… Campers choose activities… Non-competitive, no uniforms… 2, 4, 8 week programs… Wholesome, delicious meals, allergy support… International campers & staff… Individual attention to all, especially first-time campers. • Facilities include… 15 studios for creative and performing arts… A heated pool & 1-mile long lake… 350 acres supporting equestrian, sports and other outdoor challenges. • Directors Peter and Meg Kassen have spent over 30 summers directing Maine camps, and have been sole owners of Hidden Valley since 1988. They raised their children at camp and now devote their fulltime energies to HVC programming, cabin life, wellness, and extensive staff training. • “It’s our hope that the Hidden Valley experience instills a feeling of independence, enhanced self-awareness, and an even greater capacity to live happily and work constructively with others.”
Summer Address
161 Hidden Valley Road
Freedom, ME 04941
Winter Address
161 Hidden Valley Road
Freedom, ME 04941
Camp Reviews — Memories from Real Camp Families
Read these stories from our camp community and add yours:
Lisa said... Tweet Share
Campfire and s'mores, singing camp songs and discovering who I was!
Ariana said... Tweet Share
Last year was my fifth summer at Hidden Valley Camp, and definitely not my last. I have made my closest friends and the best memories at HVC. They offer anything from windsurfing to glass fusing to cooking classes, and from experience, I can say that they are all lots of fun.
Linda said... Tweet Share
After dropping our first time, 12 year old campers at Hidden Valley Camp, a group of us were headed back to New York on the New London Ferry. Feeling nervous about whether our kids would feel homesick or not, the first of many emails came to our phones. Just an update of the bus arrivals and dinner menu. However, there was link to view photos and squinting to see the tiny thumbnails we spotted our boys, mine shoe less, playing teather ball in the mud with big smiles on their faces. What a relief group of parents! For the next four weeks, we checked those emails for the pictures of our kids and each and every time they had smiles on their faces.
Melissa said... Tweet Share
Messy Day. They encourage the kids to be kids; spreading mud, paint & goo all over themselves and in their hair. A perfect experience for camp, most parents wouldn't want that kind of mess on their own homes...
Hilary said... Tweet Share
I'll never forgot the day we arrived to visit my sons and the camp director came up to us immediately and told us that a child in my son's cabin had had a medical issue overnight and was taken to the hospital. Despite the camp having over 200 children per session, the director knew who we were and that our son was in that cabin, and he he described the loving and thoughtful way they had handled the issue with the other children. I knew then for sure that my child was in a safe place and that he was being well cared for.
Eli said... Tweet Share
A great memory we have from Eli as it relates to HVC is that after his first summer there last year, he came home with his two cousins Mika and Jack and they sang and acted out, in totality, the entire rendition of an HVC favorite ditty, "Shark Song" inclusive of all members of the family (grandma, baby, grandpa, daddy, mommy, etc) while running around the breakfast table in PJ's , shrieking with laughter. It made me realize what a fun and warm and wonderful experience HVC was for them all.
“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”




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