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Missy said... Tweet Share
We are just back from a fun-filled spring break trip to Costa Rica. As a family, we went white water rafting, sea kayaking, hiking, repelling, zip lining, etc. We were amazed at how easy and natural each activity came to the boys. They were comfortable and competent at everything BECAUSE of their experiences at Winnebago. We couldn't be happier that our city boys could "hold their own" in the jungles of Central America. As we were huffing and puffing up the mountain sides, we could hear the boys talking continuously about all things Winnebago. It was a reminder to both of us what a cherished and life changing experience camp has been for them both.
Jon said... Tweet Share
I appreciate the Winnebago experience more than ever.  You have managed to build and maintain something special in a time of extreme creature comforts and helicopter parenting.  That can’t be easy, but you’ve succeeded.  The proof is in the way the boys respect that certain something and feel possessive about it; it must be earned, and it’s theirs forever.
Barbara said... Tweet Share
The summer far exceeded any expectations that we could have had for Andrew. When we visited last year, I knew that Winnebago would be a good fit for him.  Who knew it would be such a perfect fit? Thank you for the environment you create, the values you instill, the lessons you teach, the goals you set, and the fun you have at camp.   Andrew is fortunate that there is a place like Camp Winnebago.
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