Camp Pinecliffe
Camp Pinecliffe, founded almost a century ago among the lakes and sturdy pines of Maine, is a private summer camp for girls ages 7 to 15. Pinecliffe is a family run camp with third and fourth generation directors. Since 1917, a plaque with our motto, “Do the Thing That Counts and Then Don’t Count It,” has hung in our Main Bunk and truly exemplifies Pinecliffe's philosophy. Our campers spend their days in an encouraging environment of play, learning, companionship and nature. We truly believe that a key element of our campers' success is that every girl feels counted and knows everyone at camp, both campers and counselors alike. This family atmosphere is at the heart of Pinecliffe and has been helping girls develop skills, create experiences and build friendships to last a lifetime. The basis for our success is rooted in a strong tradition and philosophy that has guided us through the years. Our focus is on the individual camper. We encourage each camper to excel at what she already knows, as well as to try new activities, and to challenge herself, so that she can look back on her Pinecliffe experience and be extremely proud of her accomplishments. We hope that our campers' summer experiences will help to build life-long lessons. Pinecliffe is focused on personal growth and we encourage each girl to understand that success is best measured by her friendships and accomplishments, rather than material possessions. This approach is one of the primary drivers for why Pinecliffe is a uniform camp, removing the competitive environment that girls can feel regarding their wardrobe. Our girls leave camp each summer, eager to return, with many happy memories of new things learned, new friends, and great experiences. We invite you to explore our website, visit with us and experience our spirit and tradition first-hand.
Summer Address
64 Camp Pinecliffe Road
Harrison, ME 04040
Winter Address
277 South Cassingham Road
Columbus, OH 43209
1.614.236.5698; 614-237-1284
Camp Reviews — Memories from Real Camp Families
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Frances said... Tweet Share
I am writing about my Mom who attended Pinecliff in the 1940's. Pinecliff was such an important pRt of her life. She shared all her memories and pictures with me. Pinecliff was pure, wonderful joyous for my Mom. Thank you for everything.
Debbie said... Tweet Share
waiting at the gate on visiting day with all the other excited parents and hearing the cheering beautiful voices of 200 girls. Then, slowly starts the stampede of the 200 girls, all wearing blue and brown, mostly with long pony tails and and its a sea of girls and we can't distinguish one from the other searching for our daughters!! Until suddenly we are grabbed and hugged and all is right.
Alexa said... Tweet Share
Going into my final summer at Pinecliffe, its a feeling so bittersweet. As hard as it will be for me to move on after this coming summer at camp, i know that everything i have learned and all the memories i have made will stay with me for the rest of my life. I have been so blessed to spend the past 6 summers at this amazing place learning to waterski, play sports, swim in Crystal Lake, make arts and crafts, and participate in plays in drama. Pinecliffe has made such an impact on my life and the friends i have made are much more like sisters that i know i can always count on. Embarking on this Pinecliffe journey 6 summers ago as a young, homesick new camper i had no idea what lay ahead of me but since then i can proudly say that Pinecliffe has made me the strong and independant individual and has become a second home for me and where i feel most comfortable. When at camp there is never a girl without a smile on her face and its truly amazing. The sisterhood, virtues, beauty, and traditions of Camp Pinecliffe are unlike any where else.
Anonymous said... Tweet Share
I love this camp so so much. I have made the best friends of my life there. If you are looking for a camp that is traditional but modern and so much fun I highly recommend Pinecliffe.The secrets are the best part. Shhh!
Claudia said... Tweet Share
I attended Pinecliffe from start to finish. I arrived at camp my first year crying, already being homesick. I left camp two months later crying because I couldn't imagine leaving. As the years went on, there were hardly any tears at all when saying goodbye to my parents, but there were always tears when it became time to climb on the Pinecliffe bus at the end of the summer. The seven summers I spent at Pinecliffe taught me more than I would have ever imagined. Every camper at Pinecliffe is taught morals, leadership, and responsibility on a daily basis. Lessons that were taught to me starting from age 9 at camp I still use to this day, now at 25 years old. My memories of camp are amazing. I am overwhelmed by positive emotion when I think of Pinecliffe, and still tears come to my eyes when I think about my experiences there. I wish I could still spend my summers with Patty, Susie, and Jim Lifter in the 04040. I highly recommend Pinecliffe to anyone who is looking for a traditional summer camp. All of the traditions and secrets of Pinecliffe are magical. I am truly grateful to have been able to spend my summers there. Pinecliffe has made an imprint on my heart that will never disappear.
Lesley said... Tweet Share
Our daughter has been a camper at Pinecliffe for four summers. Camp is such an important part of her life. We describe Pinecliffe has her "Happy Place". We were looking for an all girls uniform required camp where all the girls arrived on the same day and departed on the same day. The size needed to be big enough to be financially viable, yet not too big. We wanted our daughter to feel like she knew everyone. We wanted a traditional good old fashioned camp. No pool, no trips to a mall, no air conditioning. Oh yes, did I mentioned that the camp had to be in Maine?? Pinecliffe fit perfectly for us. Pinecliffe could change the name to Traditionalcliffe.....they operate today in the same way that they have for years(this is a good thing). The campers learn great life lessons and have fun at the same time. Pinecliffe is all about having the girls have a great time and staying safe at the same time. Each year the girls are given new roles and more responsibilities. There are traditions which they "own" and continue to bring to life. There are opportunities for leadership development even as a first year camper. We have loved the families/girls at Pinecliffe. I am not sure how they manage to get such a great group of campers. A friend of mine helped nudge me to make my final selection of Pinecliffe when she said" I send my son every year to his camp and hold my breath that everything will be okay. When I send my daughter to Pinecliffe, I do not worry because I know that Patty and Susie will handle any situation promptly and properly." She was right. I highly recommend Camp Pinecliffe. It has given my daughter the wonderful Maine camp experience which I was lucky enough to have had!
“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”




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