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Minelva said... Tweet Share
2016 was our daughter's first time at sleep away camp and she had such an awesome time. She's so excited to go again this year. She tried so many cool things that she wouldn't normally get to do.She took care of farm animals, became a stronger swimmer, tried her hand at kayaking and playing the drums just to name a few. Their days are jam-packed with fun filled activities where they get to work as a team with their cabin mates and fellow campers. She got to meet kids from other countries,learn about different cultures and try new foods while having the time of her life. I can think of no better way for your kids to spend their summer.The camp staff is very professional and caring. If you have any concerns or questions, they always respond in a timely fashion even while having a busy schedule.We also appreciated the Facebook posts that gave us a glimpse of the awesome time she was having.Also there's no technology allowed so your child literally gets to unplug!THANK YOU CAMP NASHOBA!
Jenna said... Tweet Share
My son was eight years old the first time we dropped him off. He was nervous - but the counselors picked up on it and made him feel right at home. He had an amazing four weeks - tried everything you can imagine - windsurfing, woodshop, tennis, even riding! The letters home raved about life in the cabin and he could not say enough about how much he loved the food. The director was responsive and had wonderful resources for me as a first time parent. He is now heading into his fourth summer - Nashoba is magical.
Silvia said... Tweet Share
My favorite memory is seeing my son enjoying camp and knowing that he is having fun in a safe place. And the last day of Camp, how sad he was to leave and talking about all his experiences for days and days. We are glad he has the opportunity to be part of the Nashoba family.
Brad said... Tweet Share
I first went to Camp Nashoba three years ago and when I first got there I was completely uncertain about the whole sleep away camp thing. But I jumped right into it, I spent the whole summer there . I took the opportunity to learn all kinds of things, the first summer left me wanting to go back for more. My second summer was all I expected it to be and more, I shot for a North star and got to know the lay of the land better, I also became more fond of the water sports offered at camp though I was not good at any of them at the time. My third year at camp was by far the best and most memorable, I stayed the whole summer and so did most of my cabin, in this same summer I decided I wanted to try wakeboarding and got much better as the summer progressed, I also developed more in lacrosse too, overall I think that Nashoba has great staff that helps you reach any goal
Doreen said... Tweet Share
My son had a wonderful experience at Camp Nashoba North. The camp is beautiful, on a lake in Maine. We are from NYC and Camp Nashoba provided our son with the perfect summer, carefree days spent swimming, kayaking, playing volleyball and making new friends. The camp is diverse, our son met kids from all over the world. We love the camp and can't wait for next summer!
Sarah said... Tweet Share
The letter I received from my daughter this summer telling me she had become a vegetarian. She spent so much time at "animal care" at camp with a calf and goats that she came upon this decision herself and has stuck to it ever since.
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