Camp Manitou
Since 1947, campers and staff from around the world have gathered on the shores of East Lake and called Camp Manitou their summer home. The Manitou experience, delivered through a wide range of land, water and creative activities, trips and community living, empowers boys to reach their full potential. At Manitou, the core values your children learn at home are reinforced. In this unique community living experience, our campers develop a heightened sense of respect, cooperation, fairness and teamwork. As each camper acquires a greater understanding and appreciation of themselves, their confidence and self-esteem grows. Campers develop a close-knit community feeling amongst themselves, especially their bunk-mates, and brotherly relationships that will last a lifetime.
Summer Address
47 Camp Manitou Cove
Oakland, ME 04963
Winter Address
P.O. Box 5099
Westport, CT 06881
Camp Reviews — Memories from Real Camp Families
Read these stories from our camp community and add yours:
Iñigo said... Tweet Share
Good morming buenas noches os felicito por el trabajo También mi amiga de colegio irlandesas de leioa Patricia ilarduya gandarias bonjour muchísimas gracias por trabajo Goodbye Iñigo Amann Acarregui
Rod said... Tweet Share
the very 1st New Zealander (Kiwi)to work at camp Manitou, it was a great summer and made a very good friend with the Ranger, was very sad to learn of his passing, the food was great, kids even better still and I was shocked that only the English guys knew where I came from but hey that is ok and I think that lots learnt a bit about a fun crazy kiwi. Manitou had 3 kiwis there in 1979, my parents and myself. I am hoping to get back to the 70th reunion but if I can't I will be think of you all. Rod PS Loved the lake, it is small as I grow up not far from Lake Taupo, which is a volcano 25 mile wide by 27 mile long. if any one there remembers me , I can be contacted on Jean I am still slim and in good shape
Nicholai said... Tweet Share
Manitou ROCKS! Summer 2014 was definitely THE BEST SUMMER EVER!
Michelle said... Tweet Share
The best day of the summer of 2013 began with the beaming smile on my son's face as I watched him cross the court to greet me on Visiting Day at Camp Manitou! After the hugs and "I'm so excited to see you!" began a tour of the 'best' places on campus... the lake, courts, College League team meeting area, baseball fields, ping pong tables, his art hanging on the studio wall, oh... and the lake. The lake was the central point of Garrett's stay at that part... the place where he learned to waterski, swim 'for real' and gather every Sunday for the 'best breakfast'! Garrett told of how he and his friends rushed to the lake each afternoon to cool off and exchange stories from the days' events. That the lake provided a perfect setting for the Fourth of July parade and fireworks, for fishing with friends, to connect with their counselors. Then the magic words were spoken "Waterfront is open!" The rest of the day was spent with my boy, jumping in the lake, swimming in the lake, diving, flipping, and cartwheeling into the lake. How happy he was to be sharing the lake with me! And how thrilled I was to be sharing his love of camp with him!
Kimberly said... Tweet Share
Recent letter: "I love camp! My favorite part is College League, it is so awesome!.... I am trying to eat so healthy, and doing am awesome job! Energy in the morning with carbs or cereal, lunch is turkey sandwich or something and dinner is really healthy. The only thing not healthy is canteen, and my friend and I made the awesomest smore! Cookie in the oreo is the grahman cracker, the oreo crème is the marshmallow, and the Hershey bar goes in between the cookies of the oreo! It is called, THE SMOREO!! :) Awesome, right? See you, DANTASTIC !! :)"
Lisa said... Tweet Share
College League!
“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”




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