Kamp Kohut
Rich in the finest Maine camping traditions since 1907, Kamp Kohut provides a beautiful location, extensive facilities and a nurturing environment to children from across the US and overseas. Surrounded by spectacular Lake Thompson, lush woods and fields, Kohut offers a magnificent setting for our comprehensive and spirited 4-week brother-sister program, designed to create lifelong friendships, skills and memories. Our care, attentiveness and high level of supervision (1 counselor to every 2.5 children) ensures that we can really focus on the individual needs of our campers, while promoting a close camp community based on family values. We have an excellent program that combines structure with choice and allows campers the opportunity to choose from over 50 different activities. Off-camp trips to parts of beautiful Maine, and fun all-camp special events complement our regular schedule and provide Kohut campers with a well-rounded program. All of this is made possible by an experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated team of staff. Our counselors are committed to providing high quality activity instruction, a kind and comfortable bunk environment, and a safe and wholesome setting for children. Summers at Kohut are truly friendly, fun and memorable. ACA accredited. 200 Boys and girls, ages 7-16.
Summer Address
151 Kohut Road
Oxford, ME 04270
Winter Address
2 Tall Pine Road
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
Camp Reviews — Memories from Real Camp Families
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Alexandra said... Tweet Share
For the last four years, my daughter Justine watched with envy her sister Jeanne leave for Kamp Kohut. Every day, Justine would look at all the pictures sent by Kamp Kohut. She would constantly ask us when she would be able to go to to Kamp Kohut. When we told her she would be going to Kamp Kohut this year, she was so excited. I was reluctant at first, wondering if she was too young to go to camp. My 7 year old baby would be gone for 2 weeks. How would she manage without her mommy? Would she be able to communicate with others since she only spoke French? I had to trust Kamp Kohut and my daughter. She had wanted to go to Kamp Kohut for such a long time. It was now her chance to be part of an amazing family. Justine helped out packing and made sure shw brought all her favorite stuffies with her. When we arrived at Kamp Kohut, Justine was all smiles. She was trilled to meet her bunkmates and counsellors. I helped her settled in and gave her all the advice a mom could give her baby girl. Time had come for us to leave our girls. We would be picking up Justine in 2 weeks and Jeanne in 4. Both girls were excited to have the best summer ever! No tears from Justine! I wasn't expecting that!She told us to have a safe drive home and off she went with Jeanne to greet the buses arriving with the campers. Early each morning, I would read the Kamp Kohut's newsletter filled with loads of pictures. This made us feel like we were with our daughters and seeing them having fun at Kamp Kohut was so reassuring. We knew our daughters would come home transformed. The 2 weeks went by so fast! It was time to drive down to the States to pick up Justine. All day, I was planning our trip to the States Sandwiches and snacks were in the cooler. Passports were in my purse. Butterflies in my belly! Couldn't wait to see my girls! Well Justine had other plans! Lisa and Justine phoned us in the afternoon to let us know that Justine wanted to stay 2 more weeks. We were so surprised! We couldn't believe our baby girl was ready to stay the whole session. I wanted to see my girls so badly! As a mother, I realized Justine was growing up and needed others to teach her. You might have heard the saying: It takes a village to raise a child. Well, Justine needed Kamp Kohut to help her grow. I put aside my feelings and let her stay 2 more weeks. She wanted to catch more fish, play the drums, have fun with her friends, to be part of the Kamp Kohut family. How could I say no? I'm proud of myself for sending my kids each summer to Kamp Kohut. It's one of the best decisions I've made for my girls. They are part of an amazing family with great values. Thank you Kamp Kohut!
Kristin said... Tweet Share
We sent our girls, ages 8 and 11 to Kamp Kohut in Oxford, Maine during the summer of 2014. To phrase it simply: It was a WONDERFUL experience for them and for us. Kohut is situated an hour from our home on Thompson Lake. The grounds are pristine and vast, the facilities are clean, well maintained and have both a modern feel and classic camp style. The process of looking at camps started when the director, Lisa Tripler met with our girls and discussed what camp life was like. Lisa also discussed camp "readiness" and the culture of Kohut. We knew that her kindness and responsiveness set the tone of the overall milieu of the camp. Kohut felt like and easy choice for us all. The camp experience extended beyond the weeks they were away from home. The directors paired our 1st-timers with seasons camp veterans who contacted them via phone and snail mail. Our girls loved having a pall to connect with on arrival day. That same pen-pal became am ambassador for other new friends and helped our girls navigate day-to-day camp life. The counselors were all well spoken and gregarious. We appreciated that they reached out to us to make us feel comfortable in letting our girls "go" as we helped them unpack. Kohut's directors choose a diverse and well-educated group of leaders for its counseling positions. Our girls were encouraged to try new activities each week and we were thrilled that they both enhanced the skills they had ( swimming, crafts, dance and singing) as well as tried new activities (water-skiing, mountaineering, fishing). Kohut's culture is one of connection, caring and warmth. Our girls made terrific friends and were treated with great respect and mutuality. We knew our girls were in great hands. They loved the time they spent away and were so happy and full-of-life the day we came to pick them up. Their time spent at Kohut only strengthened their beauty (inside and out). We highly recommend Kohut to any family searching for an ideal place for well-rounded growth and fun for their children.
Michael said... Tweet Share
Kamp Kohut is an AMAZING experience that will stay with our children for a lifetime. We have sent our three oldest children to Kamp Kohut and we have greatly valued the happy memories that they have shared (hoping our youngest will soon will have Kohut memories of her own!). They fondly remember laughter with bunkmates, sailing on Lake Thompson, and trips around the beautiful state of Maine. Every part of Kamp Kohut was a positive life-forming event for our children. They met bunkmates and counselors from around the world, developed life-long friendships, and accomplished goals large and small. Among the great activities were fantastic sports and crafts instruction, GREAT FOOD, the College Days competitions, and group activities that fostered positive relationships with their peers. Our oldest son (now in college) attended Kamp Kohut for seven years and the friendships with his bunkmates continues to grow. Our other children who attended have the same experience with friendships that began at Kamp Kohut.
Merrill said... Tweet Share
Kamp Kohut has been the most wonderful gift we have given our daughter. She values her Kamp Kohut summers more than anything else and considers her "campies" among her best friends. From the moment she stepped onto the Kohut bus almost six years ago she has appreciated every day she spends on gorgeous Lake Thomson. She treasures the friendships she has built, her relationship with the Kohut directors and staff, the opportunity to try new things, and the chance to slow down a little and be a young girl enjoying the simple pleasures in life- fresh blueberries, a dip in an emerald watering hole, a camp fire, talking with bunk-mates at sunrise, or a sail in the early evening. I have saved every letter from my daughter and each one is filled with joy. As time goes on, I continue to see what a special place Kohut is for Francesca. She writes about her Kamp experiences in English class throughout the year. I truly believe Kamp Kohut is the best gift I could have given her.
Benjamin said... Tweet Share
Our son completed his 5th summer this year at Kamp Kohut. When we pick him up - his first words are: "I cannot wait till next summer!". The positive life changing experience that our son has every summer is truly amazing. The structure of the camp allows him to become more independent, schedule oriented yet he has fun every minute of each day. One of the most important things that Kamp Kohut does is they pick quality counselors. Kamp Kohut makes sure that each kid is paired with counselors that share similar interests. The camp does a wonderful job to make sure that each summer my son is paired with past bunk mates as well as new bunk mates. Kamp Kohut makes every effort to keep friendships strong while encouraging new friendships. Kamp Kohut is to our son his second family! We love it and we know that he will have many memories/stories to share when he grows up.
Marla said... Tweet Share
Seeing photos of my daughter lobster fishing for trip day.
“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”




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